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Top 6 Call Center Headsets (That Won’t Break the Bank!)

Owning a business comes with a number of expenses, especially when you’re first getting started. Office equipment, particularly that which relates to technology or communication, is not only one of the most vital and integral parts of your organization, but often some of the most costly components as well. From computers and copiers to software and stationery, office equipment can eat up a pretty significant chunk of the company budget.

This is especially true if a call center is an important part of your organization. Representatives who field inbound sales or customer service calls, as well as make outbound calls to attract new business, are in need of top-quality call center headsets that they can use comfortably and efficiently, with as little feedback, interference, or distortion as possible. This can appear daunting for a new business owner on a budget; however, we’re here to let you know that having top-quality call center headsets doesn’t necessarily mean having to pay top dollar. Here’s a list of our favorite call center headsets that can boost your business without breaking the bank.


With its sleek profile and comfortable fit, the AC-204 analog stereo headset is an ideal choice for VoIP call center use. Featuring 30mm dynamic drivers and a unique, adjustable over-the-head design that fits comfortably on any head size, and a flexible, noise-canceling boom mic with 180-degree rotation, the AC-204 is compatible with Android™, Apple®, Chromebook™, tablets, and most desktop computers.
The AC-204 utilizes a single 3.5mm plug and is backwards-compatible with all other hardware, thanks to the included Y-adapter. Starting at just $12.99, the AC-204 is a truly universal and affordable solution for call center headsets.

CYBER ACOUSTICS AC-6012 USB STEREO HEADSET ac-6012 call center headsets

Another great headset option from our friends at Cyber Acoustics, the AC-6012 utilizes a USB connector, compatible with any USB equipped device, and features in-line volume and mute control, unidirectional noise-canceling microphone, comfortable, easy-to-clean leatherette ear pads, a flexible boom arm, and adjustable headband.
Designed for durability, the AC-6012 is built to last! Its braided TuffCord™is engineered to withstand years of use without fraying. Starting at $21.99, the AC-6012 offers high quality at an affordable price!


Versatile and compatible with a wide variety of technologies, the durable and sleek Smart-Trek USB deluxe headsets are built to last- something every budget-conscious business owner wants to hear when shopping for call center headsets!

Smart-Trek USB headsets feature a rugged and comfortable design, making it comfortable for prolonged daily wear by your call center representatives. Its adjustable headband snaps easily into place to accommodate virtually every head size and shape.

The ear cups are made with high-quality leatherette ear cushions that are easy to clean, durable, and provide excellent noise-isolation- an important feature in call centers with a number of cubicles or desks located in a small communal space.
Smart-Trek headsets feature a durable, flexible, steel-reinforced gooseneck microphone and trusted Dura-Cord™ – Hamilton Buhl’s patented chew, kink, and knot-resistant, PVC-jacketed, braided nylon cord. With a starting price point of $20.95, business owners can get a lot of bang for their buck when they opt for Smart-Trek USB call center headsets.

AVID EDUCATION AE-36 STEREO HEADSET ae-36-wh-call-center-headset

While the AE-36 is also used in classrooms across America, these headsets are optimal for call center use, as they feature a single 3.5mm plug that operates both headphones and microphone. For call centers utilizing laptop computers or VoIP call center equipment that only feature a single headphone jack, the simple, streamlined design of the AE-36 eliminates the need for complicated and costly workarounds. And with a low entry point of just $12.89 per headset, the AE-36 is an affordable option that doesn’t sacrifice quality to come within budget!

CYBER ACOUSTICS AC-840 USB MONO HEADSET ac-840-call-center-headsets
Thanks to its 30mm dynamic driver, noise-canceling boom mic with 180-degree rotation, and sleek, comfortable fit, it’s hard to find call center headsets that beat the AC-840! Featuring a convenient in-line volume control and mute switch, your call center representatives will be able to easily and efficiently put customers on hold while transferring calls or answering multiple lines. The adjustable, over-the-head band provides lasting comfort for full workdays, and the easy-to-clean leatherette ear pads prioritize cleanliness and sanitization within the office. At $27.99, the AC-840 delivers on high quality at a low price!

CYBER ACOUSTICS AC-8020 USB STEREO HEADSET ac-8020-call-canter-headsets
Looking for call center headsets that perform basic listening/speaking functions and nearly-universal compatibility with USB devices? Look no further than the AC-8020. Starting at $19.99, the AC-8020 features a unidirectional, noise-canceling ambidextrous boom mic to minimize background noise and enhance professionalism. Lightweight and comfortable, these call center headsets get the job done!

Choosing the right call center headsets for your staff comes down to two things: price and quality. Each of the headset models on this list fulfills both requirements, giving you the freedom to choose the model you think will work best for your employees. Ultimately, it’s important to remember that when your call center representative connects with a current or prospective customer over one of these headsets, the quality of the call can set the tone, either positive or negative, for all future interactions with that client. Ensuring that your call center headsets are premium-quality can go a long way toward setting up your business for success in both sales and customer service.

By selecting one of these headset options for your company’s call center, you are making a lasting investment in your business. Since each of these call center headsets is designed for durability as well as clarity and sound quality, you will be able to use them in your call center for years to come.

Headphones To Match Your Personality

Headphones, and earbuds, and headsets, oh my! With so many options you can get overwhelmed picking out the right headphones for your needs. Sometimes you need one set of headphones for multiple devices or a headset for both office and home. We have multiple brands at affordable prices. Below, we break down the best uses for our top products and how they fit into your daily life.

Earbuds – Our earbuds are perfect for the active person who is always on the go. Whether you’re headed to the gym for a workout over lunch or taking a quick walk between meetings, earbuds are a quintessential tool! Soundnetic SN304 stereo earbuds have ear grips to stay in place during a workout, and with inline volume control, you can easily drown out loud noises from the gym or street. They also come with 3 sets of interchangeable rubber ear tips for a custom fit.

Over-Ear Headphones Over-ear headphones are a great choice for everyday office, classroom, or home use. We have options that have comfy earpieces, are durable, and are affordable! Our Gumdrop DropTech B1 Headphones are popular and made with the classroom in mind. They are designed for student testing and assessments and built tough enough to withstand a rigorous environment. Features include a twistable, non-break headband, durable earpads that easily wipe clean, and no installation required.

On-Ear HeadphonesOn-ear headphones are similar to over-ear headphones. They work well in the classroom, office, or home! They’re a lightweight and affordable option to fit any budget. If you’re looking to keep your student’s distraction-free, or just want to listen to music while you work, these are a terrific choice. Right now we’re loving HamiltonBuhl Motiv8 TRS headphones! These multimedia headphones feature inline volume control and a padded adjustable headband. They also offer superior sound quality!

Gaming – For the gamer in your life, gaming-specific headsets can be a real upgrade! There are many features that enhance the gaming experience. Gamers want something that’s comfortable for long playing times and puts out the vivid sound quality. For this, we recommend the Califone GH507 Gaming Headset. The GH507 delivers an immersive gaming experience. It features standard 5.1 or stunning 7.1 surround-sound 3D effects, an adjustable headband, and a microphone mute on/off. Its many features set this headset apart for gaming!

HeadsetsHeadsets are ideal for state and standardized testing, office use, or home use. Headsets serve many purposes in the classroom, including computer lab time, the library, and testing. If you’re looking to bulk up your classroom test prep, check out our AVID Education AE-36. These operate both speakers and microphones from a single headphone jack. They are a recommended headset for WIDA testing, too! With a 6 ft cord, padded and adjustable headband, this is a comfortable everyday option as well.

These aren’t the only products we have! Encore Data Products has everything from STEM tech to 3D printing pens. We have supplies for your school, classroom, office, home, or gym! And with germs being a huge problem these days, we also carry some of the best antibacterial and disposable headphone covers as well as supplies to wipe them down. The HamiltonBuhl HYGENX-VRAY UV-C light sanitizer kills 99.9% of bacteria on your headphones and devices.

No matter your need, we have you covered.

Homeschool Activities

Building your homeschool curriculum and classroom supplies can be tough. When you’re a homeschooling parent you play many roles in your child’s education. You’re their teacher, mentor, gym coach, and activities planner. Filling all those lesson plan hours can be tough, but we have some fun educational activities to share. We have lots of supplies to help you fill your curriculum and classroom with all the tools your students need.

Online Language Class-

Signing up for a free online language course is a fun way for your kids to begin learning a new language. Children who are exposed to different languages become better communicators. On top of the communication skills, this can help when preparing a foreign language curriculum down the road. Our ambient noise-canceling headsets, such as the AVID AE-55 series, are perfect to use while taking these online classes.

Free Museum Day-

Many museums offer free museum days during the week. This is a great opportunity to take the kids to experience art, science, nature, and history for free. Maybe your local museum has an exhibit that aligns with your curriculum, or it’s something your kids have been interested in learning more about. ENC-10Blue Budget Stereo Headphones work well for museums, testing, gyms and more.

Library Activities-

Your local library should have a monthly calendar of events for students of all ages. From book clubs to arts and crafts, libraries are a great place to find activities your kids will enjoy and where they can interact with other students. We have many educational headphones that can be used in the library. Soundnetic Classroom Basic Stereo Headphones are really affordable, and ideal for library and classroom use.

Join Local Sports-

Getting your kids out and about in a sports club is a great way to keep them active and make new friends. Joining sports helps them get their daily exercise and increase their motor skills. Students who participate in sports are more likely to maintain a healthy weight and are less likely to be obese. For times during individual practice and runs, try ENC-56 Flat Stereo Headphones to keep them motivated with music!


Volunteering can be a fun and rewarding part of a lesson. Foodbank statistics on donation numbers and food waste demonstrate the important role math can have in helping people. A park clean up can be an environmental lesson. An animal rescue may inspire that budding zoologist. Earbuds like the Hamiltonbuhl ISD-EBA Ear Buds W/In-Line Mic, along with a playlist that inspires, can make common volunteer activities such as warehouse stocking, trash pickup, or cage cleaning feel less like work.


A great resource for free books, this website has full lesson plans to go along with them. Teachers can get free access to Vooks, which can keep kids entertained and studious for hours, especially when paired with Encore’s many educational headphones and earbuds! Hamilton HA-2 Schoolmate Personal Stereo Headphones are compatible with tablets, ipads, mobile devices, Chromebooks and more.

On top of all the possibilities we listed, your classroom could benefit from other products at Encore, too. We have tons of STEM and STEAM packages, educational games, and educational headphones. Browse our website to find the top products!

New Year, New School Supplies

If you’re starting out the new year with a fresh classroom budget, you may be wondering how you can afford the basics, as well as items that inspire your students to learn. There are essentials like tissue, pencils, and hand sanitizer that are important, but your students could also benefit from new equipment and technology. We have everything from educational STEM games to Bluetooth speakers. We’re going to break down the best items by price point. Let’s maximize your classroom budget and find the perfect educational items!

$25 and under

Hamilton Buhl Smart-Trek Deluxe Stereo Headphones:

These headphones are a durable option at an affordable price point. They are versatile and compatible with many different types of technologies. Smart-Trek headphones are specifically designed to stand up the K-12 environment. Their high-quality leatherette ear cushions are easy to clean and provide excellent noise-isolation.


Comprehensive 6-outlet surge protector 12ft cord:

For the teacher who is always on top of the latest tech, this multi-use power strip is a must. You can safely charge and power up to six items at a time. The best part is it comes with a lifetime warranty. You will get tons of use out of this power strip!


3D Magic Pen:

This pen allows for creative hand-drawn three-dimensional renderings. Your students will enjoy taking their creativity from paper to three-dimensional reality! This pen comes with three color filaments but you can purchase more to incorporate in the classroom.

$100 and up

Andrea Communications Wireless Noise-Canceling Bluetooth Stereo Headset:

This is a top of the line headset with 360-degree microphone rotation. An effective noise-canceling headset with high-quality digital sound, it’s also got a durable padded headband and plush leatherette ear cushions. Some other helpful features include voice dialing, call waiting, and last number redial. On top of all of this, it comes with a USB dongle, charging cable, and carry case for storage and portability.

Invent! Kit:

This STEAM education robot is run on code. This kit comes with components needed to create programmable inventions. This robot has collision sensors, buzzers, color-changing lights, line sensors, and even infrared sensors. Open up a new world of experimentation and innovation to your students!

Whatever your classroom budget, we have something exciting to help your students learn and grow. We have many more products just like the ones listed above, in our online store. Shop all Encore Data Products and find the right m

AVID Portable PA Sale

Since we know you’re gearing up for back to school, you’ll want to take advantage of our huge announcement. We’re offering 40% off all AVID PA products. Whatever this new school year has in store be prepared with Encore Data Products! If your classroom or playground are already looking a little crowded or noisy, we have great news. Our AVID sale items can help with these issues and more. Let’s dive into these portable products and see which is best for your classroom.

AVID Education PA Waistband Amplifier:

This is perfect for the budget-minded classroom. For projecting to larger classrooms, after school functions, and field trips it’s very powerful and affordable. It’s lightweight and easy to operate. It has an adjustable strap so you can wear it around your waist or neck. Easily adjust the volume for indoor and outdoor functions. This AVID Waistband Amplifier is as low as $39.99 and will be the perfect assistant to your classroom this school year. Maintain your student’s attention and amplify yourself to beat the classroom noise.

AVID Education PA-133 Portable PA with Recorder:

If you have a tight schedule this year and know your students will be out for field trips, college visits, or sporting events, this might be the right PA for you. With the recording feature, you can make sure your students never miss a lesson and have resources available for parents, teachers, and staff. Easily save to a flash drive or SD card. This portable PA can be clipped to your belt or waistband, or worn around your neck. Enjoy hands-free movement with the comfortable headset microphone. You can easily write out math problems, highlight important quotes, and anything else you need with ease. On top of all this, you also have 20-Watt power with up to 125dB sound.

AVID Education PA-216 35-Watt Portable PA Amplifier:

If you’re looking for the best of the best for your classroom, look no further. The PA-216 is AVID’s most powerful portable audio system. If you’re a coach, teach extra circulars, or just have a loud class, this is the PA for you. On top of the versatility, recording to USB, and projection, this PA has volume and tone control as well. It also comes with a rechargeable battery with built-in charger. No need to worry about walking away. You have free range with your battery pack. It comes with a handheld microphone and a clip-on mini microphone. This is great for Q&A during class assembly, with guest speakers, or during practice. This might be one of the pricier items but during our sale, you will get it at the best price!

If you’re looking to get your staff the best supplies this year take advantage of our AVID sale. You can save even more when you buy in bulk. Think of all the things your teachers can accomplish with the right supplies this year. Don’t forget to also enter our monthly giveaway and you could be entered to win a free set of educational headphones for your entire classroom.

Top Books This Summer

This summer many students will lose some of the knowledge their teachers and parents have worked so hard to instill in them. It can be hard to motivate kids to stay on top of reading, math, and science skills during the summer. One way to combat this is with audiobooks. Listening and reading along to fun audiobooks will keep students engaged in a unique way.

We’ve broken down the hottest books that are either coming this summer or are newly released. You can always get your favorite book in the audio form and read along with your favorite Encore Data Products headphones. We will show you which are best for audiobooks as well. Check out our list of books below broken down for Elementary, Jr. High, and High School aged kids.


  • Daniel’s Good Day: Follow along as Daniel takes a walk around his neighborhood and polls his neighbors. What makes a good day for you? Read the many unique and funny responses.
  • Vroom: One night Annie puts on her helmet and hops in her race car. She takes off through her bedroom window and goes on an adventure. Enjoy this adventure and see what Annie can do on her own.
  • Elvis Is King: This book captures Elvis’s amazing life and the heart of rock ‘n’ roll. Illustrated with clay figures it’s a captivating introduction for a new generation of young readers to the iconic performer.
  • Dragons are Real: This book teaches kids about the magical world of dragons. From their favorite meal to their fire sneezes learn all the best dragon facts.

Jr. High:

  • Max and the Midknights: This is a new series by the creator of Big Nate. This book is packed with jokes and is set in medieval times.
  • The Friendship War: From the author if Frindle comes the story of two former best friends who become pitted against each other.
  • Dragon Pearl: Percy Jackson and the Olympians creator has a new series. It’s packed with Korean mythology, magic, and sci-fi. In this adventure we have 13-year-old Min searching for her lost brother in outer space.
  • Sea Sirens: This new series is filled with Vietnamese legends. It follows a girl named Trot and her irritable talking cat as they are thrown into an undersea war.

High School

  • The Rest of the Story: Emma remembers the stories her late mother told her about growing up on the shores of a lake. Read along as Emma spends a summer with her mother’s family at the same lake.
  • Stepsister: There are many versions of Cinderella but few that go beyond the royal marriage and the family. In this feminist re-telling, we follow ugly stepsister Isabella. There is plenty of adventures and advocating autonomy.
  • Superman Dawnbreaker (DC Icons #4): Part of the DC Icons series we follow the story of a teenage Clark Kent. Clark stumbles on a dark secret in Smallville and gets his best friends to help him save their town.
  • The Last Voyage of Poe Blythe: Fans of the Matched series will love this book involving a river dredge, search for gold, a murdered boyfriend, and a girl determined to get revenge. This post-apocalyptic book will be an all-time favorite. 

We hope your kids and students will enjoy this summer reading list. If you decide to download the audiobook version of these we have a few headphones your kids will love to use.  Below are a few popular items they will want to try out.

  • HamiltonBuhl Flex-Phones: These are super durable and can withstand heavy use. Whatever your kids throw at them, these headphones can handle. They have foam earpieces for extra comfort and a 4ft. cord for movement.

Top 5 Education Podcasts

With the school year coming to an end, many educators will be enjoying some much needed R&R. Whether you’re taking a road trip or just relaxing and enjoying quality family time, we know you will want to stay on top of the top trends in education. One fun and relaxing to way to do this is listening to podcasts. Today there are podcasts for everything from Game of Thrones recaps to Entrepreneur chats. We’re rounding up the top podcasts you should tune into this summer and paring them with our favorite Encore Data Products!

  • The 10 Minute Teacher Podcast: This podcast is exactly what it sounds like. 10-minute chats with teachers every week! The cool thing about this podcast is it’s short and updated often. Featuring K-12 educators 5 days a week, it’s the perfect podcast for busy days. There are 5 seasons for you to listen to this summer! For this podcast, you would want to use the Soundnetic SN304 Stereo Earbuds with Inline Volume Control. These are great for those quick on the go podcasting days. When you have a short podcast and need the noise canceling capabilities go for Soundnetic SN304 Stereo Earbuds.
  •  Teach Me, Teacher: If you love to hear about topical, informative, and inspiring subjects this is the podcast for you. They have tons of great guests in education and do Q&A episodes to answer your burning questions. They embrace the idea that teachers learn best from other teachers. There are 3 years of content currently on their podcast so you could catch up on past podcasts or tune in every week! We would pair this podcast with the AVID Education AE-35 Classroom Computer Stereo Headphone. With a 6 ft. cord you can sit comfortably at your home office and take follow up notes at ease with these lightweight and comfortable headphones.
  • Google Teacher Tribe Podcast: This is the perfect podcast for all Type A teachers…or any teacher who wants to get more organized. They share tips for using G Suite for productivity and other organizational techniques for the classroom. If you love finding new ways to optimize the programs you already use, this is the podcast for you. We would recommend using the Hamilton Buhl Deluxe Active Noise Canceling Headphones when listening to this tech-based podcast. You won’t want to miss a minute and will be able to really enjoy and take in the information.

  • School Psyched Podcast: This psychology based podcast is perfect to help you incorporate the best practices for your students’ needs. They cover everything from ADHD strategy to education tech. Get an in-depth look at today’s education system. For this podcast, you may find yourself on the move or listening while multitasking. If this sounds like you, we would suggest the Califone CLS725 Wireless Headphones. With the wireless feature and high frequency, you will be able to listen while enjoying the everyday tasks around your house or backyard. We understand it’s summertime and you want to be out and about!
  • ASCD Learn Teach Lead Radio: This podcast has guest stars that are leading authors and experts in today’s education. Their mission is to help teachers lead better by providing them with amazing resources. This podcast is really great for the whole family. Because of this, we would suggest playing for everyone to hear. We have a great Bluetooth speaker to help you get the whole family involved, and you can use it in the classroom when school starts up again. The Califone PA-BT30 Portable Bluetooth Speaker puts out a great sound and is compatible with many Android and iOS-based devices. It’s also easy to set up and use.

We hope you find these podcasts helpful, fun, and entertaining. During the summer it can be hard to stay motivated.  But with fun topical podcasts like these, you will have actionable takeaways for the school year to come.

Document Camera

In a perfect world, your students would be in class every day and every student would be at the same stages of your lesson plans. But life happens. Sometimes students can be out for athletic activities, sick days, or suspension. Keeping track of where every student is in your lesson plan can be tough, making it difficult to know which students may need to take home assignments. They may have missed out on key information that even make up work cannot help. The Boardshare High Definition Document Camera can help!

With the Boardshare High Definition Document Camera, you can record videos, turn captured images into video, and use a time-lapse feature that allows you to digitally annotate. These features can be useful in the classroom in multiple ways:

  1. Record Videos- Sometimes students need extra help they can’t get at school. You can use your Boardshare High Definition Document Camera to record lesson plans or live classroom days. Students who are absent will be able to watch these and feel like they were in class while catching up. They will enjoy the benefits of seeing first hand what the conversation was around and can pause or stop while doing assignments. You can also share with other teachers, staff, or parents. With the help of parents and your videos, they will be up to date.
  2. Captured Image to Video- Some students are visual learners while others are verbal learners. Turning your PDF assignments into a video with side notes and voiceover narration can bring a full picture for both types of learners.
  3. Time-lapse- Some students need to see someone else work out a problem to know how to solve the one they are working on. If you’re working through something on paper, you can use the time-lapse feature to make a video working out an equation or creating a drawing. This would help students see fast-paced versions of what they are working on.

As you can see, the Boardshare High Definition Document Camera can be used in the classroom in various ways. With the USB feature, it can hook into your computer, laptop, or projector making it run throughout your entire lesson. And this high-resolution camera is incredibly affordable compared to other makes and models.

On top of all the ways this can incorporate into the classroom the Boardshare High Definition Document Camera is also great for business settings. It can be used for business presentations, webinars, lectures and more!

For more information or to order your own Boardshare High Definition Document Camera, the fine staff at Encore Data Products, Inc. will be happy to help!

State Testing: What Headsets Will You Need?

Spring has arrived, and with it, the school standardized testing season. Throughout the country, students will soon be taking state tests. TELPAS, PARCC WCAP, SBAC and more. Educators and testing coordinators preparing for testing will need headsets for use with the test so that students can complete listening comprehension and speaking exercises. Many state tests have requirements for these headsets to make sure they will be compatible with the testing software, and schools will need to navigate these requirements to find a headset style that will work and fit their budget. In this post, we outline some of the headset requirements and spotlight three of the most popular styles for schools to purchase. 

So, what are the headset requirements? Some testing requires headsets used must have a microphone for speaking exercises and must sit on the students’ ears and not in them (meaning that earbud styles are excluded). Using an over-the-ear headphone style instead of earbuds is also more comfortable for most students and allows them to fully focus on the test. Headsets must have a double earpiece (no single-ear styles), have stereo sound, and utilize a single, 3.5mm TRRS plug to connect into the computer. Styles with a single TRRS plug will simplify set-up, as teachers and students won’t need to deal with multiple plugs for earphones and microphones. Additional requirements are:

Driver unit size: 32mm

Frequency Response: 20 – 20,000 Hz

Impedance: 32 Ohms

Microphone Frequency Response: 100 – 12,000 Hz

Microphone Impedance: 3,320 Ohms

Using the right headsets for testing is essential so that student responses are clear and can be properly assessed.

Encore Data Products carries a wide range of headsets that fit these requirements. Here are three of the most popular styles used by our customers:

  • Soundnetic SN503: These headsets are one of the most affordable styles that our customers. The boom microphone is adjustable so each student can move it to the most comfortable position for them. The SN503 has a braided cord that helps prevent fraying, meaning these headsets can stand up to heavy use. Each one comes with a plastic storage bag, making it easy for students to store their headsets after testing.
  • AVID Education AE-55: The AE-55 was designed with the TELPAS test in mind. The ambidextrous design allows the microphone to rotate 270 degrees, so students can put these headsets on in either direction and the microphone will work. The cord comes with a Velcro tie that will keep cords from tangling with each other when the headsets are stored. The leatherette earpads are easy to clean and can be wiped down between uses.
  • ThinkWrite 90103: ThinkWrite headsets have a larger earpiece that is meant to fit over the student ’s entire ear. This guarantees comfort during applications requiring the student to wear the headset for a long period of time. Volume control on the cord of the 90103 allows students to adjust audio volume as needed. The microphone has a stiff plastic arm for maximum durability; it can also swivel up out of the way when not needed or when the headsets are stored. ThinkWrite headsets have a wide range of applications in addition to TELPAS, making them a good investment for computer and language labs.

With any of these headsets, students will not be hindered by unreliable or incorrect equipment. Instead, students will be able to focus entirely on their exam, enabling them to achieve their highest potential. As testing kicks off for some schools (and wraps up for others), we wish all students good luck on their exams this spring and in the fall!

Using A Portable PA In The Classroom

If you have a larger classroom or teach after school activities our portable water resistant PA might be the answer you’re looking for. Sometimes projecting can be an issue but with a portable PA you can get the right volume and get a ton of extra benefits. You wont have to worry about students spilling water on your PR because it’s waterproof! With noise levels increasing in the classroom it can make focusing hard for some students, especially ones with concentration issues. With our help you can put those problems behind you!

Our HamiltonBuhl Water-Resistant (IP54) PA System with USB Port has a ton of features you can optimize during your lesson plans. With two wireless microphones you can have one for student questions and use yours to keep the lesson plans going smoothly. With a rechargeable battery that lasts up to seven hours and the ability to project pre-recorded material through the USB  and Bluetooth features you are set for lesson plans. Coaches will love using this for any sporting event or during practice.

Studies show that 44% of students have good concentration skills, 46% have average attention skills, and 10% have poor attention skills. With any number of distractions including background noise and talking, students can become distracted easily and regaining focus can be hard. On top of exercises you can always incorporate our HamiltonBuhl Water-Resistant (IP54) PA System for extra volume, ease, and attention grabbing. Here are a few exercises you can implement to keep kids focused and ready to learn:

  • Mazes
  • Puzzles
  • Story based games with quizzes
  • Distraction blockers (like our educational headphones)
  • Include visual, auditory and kinesthetic facets to all lesson plans

Besides the distraction blocking benefits, our PA can help you share lesson plans from colleagues, online materials and more! With the Bluetooth enabled feature you can share TED Talks or anything you wish to your students or staff. It’s super easy to use and you will save lots of time with the USB and Bluetooth features. Think of all the extra time for lesson plans, grading papers, and keeping your classroom organized! If you’re ready to take back your classroom we’re here to help with many educational classroom items, you can incorporate today! Shop now