Common Core in Georgia

The common core standards are the K-12 academic standards for in Mathematics and English language. Various countries and states have developed these standards and the selection or adoption of the common core is dependent on choice of the state. These standards have been globally recognized for 2 and 4 years college classes. The basic purpose of the standards is to ensure comparison in various parts of the state about education standards and learning capabilities. The state of Georgia adopted Common Core standards in 2012 like other 45 states and recognized the standards in its educational curriculum. The standards enabled Georgia, like all other states who have adopted, to clearly define what the students will be learning at the end of their classes. The states, teachers, parents and all who are benefiting from common core standards get opportunity of learning in the same language with a mindset of heading towards the same goals. The state of Georgia in adopted and integrated these standards so that it must be ensured that the students after passing their school levels will be able enough to meet the college standards.

Originally, the common core standards were adopted by Georgia in 2010 with modification but the implementation was ensured in 2012 in full form. Georgian common core standards were deployed for Mathematics, English, Literature, Science, Arts and other technical subjects. Before the adoption of standards, the Georgian Public Policy Foundation was asked to provide information about its major issues and the other states who have adopted common core gathered all the necessary information. Its main purpose was to evaluate and analyze the impacts of standards on students and the educational practices I Georgia.

According to some other sources, when the state of Georgia adopted these standards in 2004, the Math and English standards of the country were included in top of the world. Various private and public schools in the country have participated in national assessment tests. The state remained a leader in initiating the common core standards and an Ex-governor had co-chaired the general meeting of common core standards. But the State Board of Education in Georgia adopted these standards in 2010 and the politicians and legislatives hardly agree over these standards and this happened in cases of common core and GPS standards. Later on many similarities were found in the standards of common core and GPS. 80% curriculum in common core of English matched with GPS while Math percentage was more than 90%.

The federal government and the legislatives have tried very much to ban the standards in introducing Georgia curriculum for schools and other levels. A bill was also turned by the assembly in 2014. The committee that disapproved the bill comprised of teachers and various administrators. Out of 167 members, 5 hands raised in favor while 13 were against the bill so it was rejected and cancelled. The common core standards and its annexing into the educational syllabus have very controversial issues in the history of Georgia as these faced a lot of opposition and criticism from many sects of people.