Creating the Perfect Home Business Office

Whether you run your own business from your home, or work remotely part or full-time, you want to treat your workspace like a real office. Having a well-organized, well-equipped, and functional space in your home business can help you maintain a division between work and home, and make sure you stay on top of your tasks. To create the best home office that will help you work, here are a few pieces of equipment that will retrofit your office into a well-oiled machine.

High-end headphones: Depending on your work and environment, you will want a pair of high-end headphones that suit your needs. For example, maybe your house is a busy area, with the kids playing in the background while you focus on your work. This might call for noise-canceling headphones that allow you to listen to important audio files, music, or online calls, without having to push the volume at a high level to block outside noise. Or, you might need home theater or gaming quality headphones, especially if you are a game developer conducting research or testing games, or if you’re a sound engineer testing the audio during production. Even more, you might want something like the Hamilton Buhl Trios, which allows you to plug in your headphones into various devices. Having the right pair will help you maintain an efficient workspace.

Adjustable Sitting or Standing Desk: Working all day in an office usually translates to a lot of sitting. That sitting can be costly to your health, and can also lead you to greater distraction during the day. A slim looking electric desk like the Conset 501-27 allows you adjust the height along 21-47 inches, giving you the perfect sitting or standing height as you work. In addition, you’ll get the space needed to hold a computer, books, files, and more.

Wall-mounted glass board: To keep track of your daily to-dos, or create sub-tasks for large projects, having a large erasable board can be a great tool. Unlike whiteboards or chalkboards, a glass board looks clean and refined and lasts longer without any permanent streak marks or scratching.

File cabinets: As any business or home office worker knows, collecting and organizing files is one of the most important features of the office. A home business needs to keep accurate files for tax purposes and needs to be able to refer to files for inventory, sales, and distribution purposes. Documentation can be the backbone of a business, so keeping files organized and safe in a quality file cabinet is important.

Extra hard drive: Keeping your files on all your devices backed up and safe is also important for any home office. The EMTEC Wi-Fi USB portable HDD is a great drive for backing up files or storing a large amount because it can sync with multiple devices simultaneously and allows for multi-user streaming. For someone who is running a home business, you need to be able to securely back up and share files from your laptop to your mobile phone, or even your wi-fi enabled camera. Having the ability to share and store to a portable drive can help you bring your business on the go, and ensure safe storage of all your business-related data.

This is just a small list of items you should consider adding to your home office or business. By developing a great office space, you’ll feel more inspired to work productively in your office, improve your office’s organization and efficiency, no matter what state of the rest of your house may be in. To help build your perfect home office, contact us: we can provide you with all the tools listed above and more.