Encore Data Products TT-1 Gets an Upgrade

Though it seems like everyone has headphones nowadays, it doesn’t mean that people know how to take care of and keep track of them. In fact, people lose or break their headphones more often than they do their phone chargers. In light of this, it makes little sense to outfit your establishment with expensive aural devices that can be easily damaged or slipped into a purse and forgotten. Be it for flights, classrooms or even libraries, disposable earphones make for a great way to give your clients what they want without having to worry about their maturity or responsibility levels.Slim Straight Plug Earbuds

On the market today is the disposable headphones TT-1SP. Earbuds in every sense of the word and designed to mimic the famous Apple earbuds of a few years ago, this simple looking device is actually wired for stereo sound, making them ideal for every situation. On top of this, they have integrated a small 1/8” 3.5mm adapter based on customer demand. This is important to note as a majority of disposable earbuds do not have adapters compatible with table and phone cases. This makes the TT-1SP one of the best options available as it works with virtually every form of media currently on the market. Basically, you’ll never have to apologize to upset customers for only carrying headphones that don’t even fit in the devices they are trying to use.

The buds themselves are covered with black foam pads for comfort. These, of TT-1 SP slim plug headphonecourse, can be removed should the wearer not want them or to decrease the size of the buds of the foam makes them too big to fit. The cord measures 4’ in length, giving it ample reach. Each pair also comes pre-wrapped in its own individual plastic package, meaning you don’t have to waste anytime separating the earbuds into different packages before distributing them. Since they are designed to be used by one person only, they can be given away as complimentary gifts. The plastic also works as a sanitary measure, guaranteeing that so long as the plastic bag has not been tampered with, no one else has worn the earbuds, drastically reducing the spread of any infections, such as MRSA.

An important question to ask yourself before investing in earbuds, however, is if they are correct for the clientele you cater to. In the vast majority of cases, the resounding answer is ‘yes’. Aside from being less expensive than their over-the-head counterparts, earbuds are superior in virtually every way. Aesthetically, they don’t ruin a hairstyle or interfere with earrings and glasses, making them a discreet way to enjoy music or watch a movie. Because they lack the extra plastic to hold them on the head, they are lighter, and because they don’t have to encase various skull sizes, they fit every shape imaginable. Also tied to their small size is how portable they are. As these earbuds are disposable, it is assumed your customers will probably take them with, and if they’re easier to store in a pocket or purse, you’ll have fewer to throw away at the end of your shift. The only major downfall is that they tend to fall short in sound quality when compared to headphones, though, this is when they are compared to permanent headphones. In a disposable setting, the difference is negligible.

The TT-1SP is a customer designed earbud perfect for companies that want to outfit their customers with listening devices that actually plug in to their electronic devices. With an adjustable earbud size and more than enough length to ensure users can sit at a comfortable distance from whatever device they’re plugged into, they are the perfect addition to any setting needing a solid, disposable device. Such design makes it an asset that customers will appreciate to have during their time with you and after. Providing them with a smart choice tells them that you care about their needs, further building a sense of appreciation and respect.