Hamilton Buhl LTT-10 10-Port USB Charging Station: The ISTE “Best in Show” Winner

In modern classrooms, offices and homes, more mobile devices are being acquired at an amazing rate. Some schools and offices have BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) policies and your classroom probably already has dozens of mobile devices ready to use for various teaching purposes. But when you have that much tech, you’re probably starting to notice how much of a task it is making sure it’s all fully charged. If you’ve been charging those devices separately, it can be a quite a chore and can make for some grouchy students, workers and family members when their device gets unplugged in order to charge other equipment.

Fortunately, technology caught up with this inconvenience in the guise of a USB charging station. Rather than having to charge dozens of mobile devices separately, Hamilton Buhl is offering a 10-port charging station that’s been recently voted the ISTE “Best in Show” winner.

Hamilton 10 Port Charging Station LTT-10The Hamilton Buhl LTT-10 10-Port USB charging station can be used any place where mobile devices need continual charging will find benefit using this amazing charger that has no limitations on the best known brand names.

Charging Smartphones

There isn’t a single place where education or business takes place that doesn’t have use of smartphones. Whether those phones get used in your own business or in use from visitors, a large charging station can come in very handy for a variety of situations. In your school, students likely bring in their own smartphones, tablets or laptops to use for lessons and composing papers. Before they go home, you can charge all of their phones at once so they have a fully charged phone for their own safety. For offices, you may offer a charging station as a complimentary service. You can use your station to charge every visitor’s smartphone if they’ve depleted their batteries. It provides a convenient tool to have your employees collectively charge their smartphones after using them all day out in the field. This saves them time having to find places to charge their phones when on the go. What you’ll really appreciate is the charger handles all cell phones from Apple to Nexus, and everything in between. You can’t always find a multi-charger with as much compatibility for every major phone brand.


As tablets become the new form of laptop for everyone, the Hamilton Buhl charging station has plenty of room to charge any type of tablet on the market. Since you probably use tablets for media lessons in school, you’ll want to keep them charged at all times so there isn’t a risk that they’ll go dead in the middle of the school day. Designed to look like a rack, the charger can keep all your tablets neatly in position as a form of storage. This prevents your tablets from getting misplaced while continually charging when not in use.

Charging Digital Cameras

Adding to Hamilton’s charging station is the additional ability to charge digital cameras. You’ll love this for personal use if you take more than one type of digital camera with you when you travel. For work, it’s even more handy since you won’t have to find multiple outlets to charge several different cameras.

Of course, this charger can charge each one of the above devices at once if it’s necessary. In a mobile culture, charging needs more convenience, and this charger does it all from one power outlet. You can find the Hamilton Buhl 10-port charging station here at Encore Data Products for a price you won’t find anywhere else. Contact us if you have any questions about the charger and to find more storage and audio products to help make life and education easier.