It’s Here: The Intraoral Inspection Camera by Hamilton Buhl

Thanks to modern technology, there are always plenty of revolutionary products hitting the market each day. Some dental instruments such as drills and lasers are designed specifically for use by dentists and their staff while in a professional hygienic setting. Others like tongue scrapers, interdental cleaners and mouth mirrors can also be used by individuals at home for preventative dental care outside of the dentist’s office. intr-cWhen it comes to a tool that’s loved and used by both oral care professionals and families of all sizes, there’s one product which always comes to mind. The Intraoral Inspection Camera by Hamilton Buhl is a new tool creating a lot of buzz in the worlds of both dental and skin care. Since it’s been growing quickly in popularity, you might have heard about it already.

These days, we can snap and send images with only a few clicks on our devices, so it only makes sense to use this technology for medical purposes. This unique inspection camera instrument by Hamilton Buhl has been carefully constructed by the leading experts in the industry to allow users to snap crystal clear photos or videos in HD. The quality of the images it takes are superior to other similar hand held instruments because it comes equipped with a high resolution 2M pixel CMOS camera that offers auto focus features and a maximum of 30X magnification. Ideally, the Intraoral Inspection Camera by Hamilton Buhl is used by dental professionals to record images of a patient’s teeth and gums in order to prepare for procedures or to help with preventative care. This portable device also comes with 6 LED lights to illuminate the viewing area in order to capture the best looking high quality photos with ease. The images display immediately on an iPad or iPhone within the free downloadable mobile application meant to accompany the Intraoral Inspection Camera. It also has built in wi-fi so you can easily save images in student or patient records and share them if need be. The device is charged using a USB port and can be hooked up to a computer as well. When fully charged, the device has a battery life of about one and a half hours.

Virtually anyone can operate this miniature camera apparatus with ease. Not only is Hamilton Buhl’s Intraoral Inspection Camera a great tool to have around the dentist’s office, but it can also be used to check skin, hair or any other surface texture. Doctors of all kinds, school nurses, other medical professionals and even single households can benefit from using this tool to gather images or video for instant review. Although little in size, this tool can be a big life saver! Instead of making an appointment and going into the doctor’s office to check a spot on your skin, you can simply snap a photo with the tiny camera to send to your physician for review. This allows you to save time and quickly get the answers to your questions in order to make the best health decisions for you and your family.