Join our LIVE Webinar 3/11/21, Navigating Today’s Learning Environments- Solutions for In-Class, Remote, and Blended Learning

Attention, all educators and school administrators of K-12 students who are in need of more comprehensive solutions for the challenges posed by remote learning: Encore Data Products invites you to a LIVE webinar focusing on the changing landscape of education due to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, how to prepare schools, classrooms, and individual students’ home learning environments to maximize success and minimize frustration in our “new normal.”

Join us on Thursday, March 11 at 12:30 PM PST for a 60-minute webinar hosted by Sabrina Manno, Marketing & Business Development Manager of Encore Data Products, and Melissa Sopata, National Accounts Manager at HamiltonBuhl. This informative free presentation is dedicated to helping school faculty and staff across the nation stay prepared for keeping kids learning and engaged in their classes, regardless of the pivots we may be required to continue to make in the foreseeable future.

Our presentation, “Navigating Today’s Learning Environments- Solutions for In-Class, Remote, and Blended Learning,” is free to attend, and contains invaluable information geared toward helping educators successfully and efficiently plan for in-class, remote, and blended learning environments. Over the course of the hour-long interactive webinar, attendees can expect to gain a number of takeaways, insights, and tips to help them maintain safe, healthy, and successful learning environments for their students. Some of our scheduled topics include:

* Maintaining clean surfaces and supplies in an in-person learning environment
* Obtaining PPE for students and faculty
* Best practices for social distancing while learning
* Adapting communication for in-person, remote, and blended learning scenarios
* Maintaining student engagement through remote learning
* Independent learning
* And more!

Using a real-time question & answer format, attendees will have an opportunity to dialogue with industry peers, as well as review best practices and share their own innovative solutions for maintaining safety, engagement, and student success across all three types of learning environments. This is your chance to interact with other educators and school administrators and see what is working for them (and what’s not!) and using that crowd-sourced wisdom to increase the efficiency of your own school’s processes and create a more stable learning environment that benefits students and teachers alike.

Additionally, during the webinar, industry insiders will be reviewing some of the latest ed tech tools and accessories that may prove to be the right solutions for certain issues teachers face in today’s education landscape. Take a look at some of the innovations that can help you overcome the technical obstacles you may have faced this school year with remote instruction, and learn about some of the exciting technology that exists to help make both the teaching and learning processes more streamlined and efficient when students can’t attend in person, as well as leading a discussion about how to overcome ongoing challenges with both in-person and remote learning.

This free, informative 60-minute webinar is also your chance to win a UV sterilizer! All registered webinar attendees will be entered into a giveaway drawing, with one lucky winner receiving a HygenX V-Ray Portable UV Sterilizer courtesy of HamiltonBuhl. A must-have from Hamilton-Buhl’s HygenX line of sanitary products, the V-Ray mobile UV sterilizer easily, quickly and safely sterilizes and decontaminates all objects and surfaces with UV-C light that kills 99.9% of bacteria. The V-Ray can be used to safely sterilize everyday items, used and shared, in classrooms, offices and homes.

The V-Ray works by emitting UV-C rays from a handheld wand, sterilizing items that are difficult or impossible to wash. These powerful rays are extremely harmful to germs, and can sterilize a variety of object sizes and shapes.

Designed for easy portability, the V-Ray features a rechargeable battery, making it easily portable, lightweight, and cordless for maximum convenience. The V-Ray can be used to sterilize anywhere and anything in a classroom, home or office, including large toys, keyboards, headsets, touchscreens, and more.

An excellent choice as ultraviolet sanitizer, the HygenX V-Ray allows for hands-free ease of use, safety and peace of mind to ensure every shared item, every object and every spot in any room is clean and sterilized!

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If the events of 2020 and the unprecedented challenges presented in the 2020-2021 school year have left you feeling uncertain about what lies ahead, you’re not alone! Teachers across the country and around the world are experiencing the same emotions and meeting the same obstacles as you are. Our webinar is your chance to interact with other educators who have been facing the same challenges and frustrations, and to share with one another the solutions you have found, as well as to learn more about the technology that can help you overcome these obstacles more simply and efficiently.

While there is a light at the end of this tunnel, experts agree that it may be a while before the school environment returns to its pre-pandemic state. We may be living with the after-effects of the COVID-19 pandemic for years to come, and it is possible that it will become necessary to pivot back to remote or blended learning off and on for the foreseeable future. Being prepared and staying informed will help you to remain confident as educators so that you can do what you love- teach kids! Register for our March 11 webinar today to secure your space.

ALL attendees will be entered into a Webinar Giveaway! One luck attendee will win a HygenX Vray Portable UV Sterilizer from HamiltonBuhl. That’s a prize value of $219!

Don’t miss this informative and interactive webinar — your time spent will be well worth the ideas and contacts you come away with.

WHEN: Thursday,March 11th at 12:30 PM PST / 3:30 PM EST

WHERE: GoToMeeting – link to be emailed upon completion of registration.

HOW: Click here to Register

HOSTED BY: Sabrina Manno, Marketing & Business Dev Manager, Encore Data Products & Melissa Sopata, National Accounts Manager, HamiltonBuhl