Kidz Phonz from Hamilton Buhl: The Fun Way for Kids to Customize Their Headphones

Kidz Phonz from Hamilton Buhl came along just at the right time when we all need a little extra inspiration while learning and teaching. What makes Kidz Phonz great is that they’re customizable so students can show off their personal style right on their headphones. By giving kids freedom to decorate their headphones, they have a way of bringing individuality to learning. Yet, these headphones do more than just inspire during school. Take a look at how these features could help your own students this coming school year.

Customization with Kidz Phonz

We give a lot of credit to Hamilton Buhl for creating these unique headphones, because there really isn’t anything else like them on the market. Students can visit where they can download templates and designs for use on the plastic cups that easily pop out. Available templates are pre-loaded with designs for holidays, characters, plus numerous backgrounds. They even have sections where kids can customize their own designs, then print and place them on the outside surface of the earphone cups. Please keep in mind this is only available in the Express Yourself versions of the Kidz Phonz.

Kidz Phonz with Rugged Design

Kidz Phonz without customization are also available and come strictly in different colors and with more of a rugged design. These are great when kids use them in school where they likely get used for long hours every school day. The Kidz Phonz feature a sturdy design as well as sound-limiting capabilities, which makes them a standout. Hamilton Buhl realized kids get distracted easily by their surroundings. With guaranteed technology to block outside sounds, kids pay better attention to what they’re listening to. The Kidz Phonz also work well with any mobile device or tablet. This means your kids can use an iPad or their tablet for educative media while using these earphones without compatibility issues.


Within the same line of earphones from Hamilton Buhl are the Flex-Phones that are some of the most indestructible earphones on the market today. They’re made of EVA foam, which is an environmentally friendly material that’s also soft so kids won’t get tired of wearing them during long lessons. The headphones are extra flexible for an easy fit. For smaller preschool children, however, the earphones offer an extension band for complete comfort.

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