New Guidelines for New York

Common Core is a relatively new phenomenon that is occurring in schools throughout the country. In New York State to be exact, the common core has thus far has not impacted the educational system too drastically, as it was only started in the year 2010. Still in it’s initial stages across the country, the common core guidelines are designed to give teachers as well as students and their parents specific guidelines into what is taught in school, what is studied, and what is learned. The standards that the common core educational guidelines are deemed positive by many individuals, since they do offer a type of uniform learning platform which allows students as well as teachers and parents to come to an agreement on what is being understood throughout the country, helping students get into better colleges and universities as well as fall within the right guidelines to garner the right employment opportunities after graduation. The only problem that many individuals have with the common core standards is the fact that the entire program tends to cost a lot and be very expensive. For any school in New York that started with the common core principles, books had to be altered, teachers had to be taught new materials, and all standards and guidelines within the already organized school system had to change. This costs everyone involved excess time, energy, and most of all, money. It is predicted that the common core principles will be equally taught in all 48 states within the US, meaning that we will all be sharing the same guidelines when it comes to education, no matter what state we happen to live in. The guidelines are in place for kindergarten aged students all the way up to 12th grade, so the guidelines cover all the different age groups currently attending the public school system. So far, 43 of the 48 states have started and continue to teach the common core guideline program.