No Common Core in Nebraska

Where many states jumped on the Common Core then pulled back, Nebraska has been a firm stander against the Core, never having adopted them in the first place. While the state itself doesn’t actually see the standards as bad in terms of educational possibilities, the state was less than pleased with its ties to the government.


Fiver Year Review

Legally, the state must review its current curriculum to make sure the standards are not falling behind in relevancy. After all, the entire goal of a set of educational standards is to make sure students are prepared for life after high school. Following Nebraska’s five year review in 2014, the state once again reassured worried residents that the Core was not needed.

According to many in the state, their standards are wonderful because it affords the educators much more control over their classrooms. Instead of wasting months in standardized test prep, the states’ students get to spend a lot more time learning new subjects and enjoying education.

In addition, Nebraska’s state curriculum underwent a full change in 2009 in order to raise standards expected of students in all of the core subject areas. Their review in 2014 worked to isolate more areas that proved to be less rigorous.

There are those that would argue the Core would bring about a unified school system where children moving from Texas to Washington would receive the same level of education regardless, something that is important for families that move around a lot. Nebraska’s teachers argued back that Common Core had never been tested so there was no proof to back up any sort of claims. Their state standards, however, have been proven to work for their students time and again. They’ve pursued the old adage of, “if it isn’t broken, don’t fix it.”


The Failed Experiment

In the end, it is almost a good thing that Nebraska didn’t force the teachers to adapt to the Core then yank the standards away not three years later causing a severe educational uproar like what happened in so many states. Nebraska has weathered the Common Core storm without even flinching due to its decision to sit on the sidelines. Students’ learning hasn’t been disrupted and the state hasn’t been forced to pay out extreme amounts of money to revamp their classrooms in preparation for a standardized test that is only available electronically. For the nation, the Core has proven to be a failed experiment in unifying educational standards.


Nebraska will continue onward as it has been doing for years. Its educators feel that they provide adequate education for their students and the parents have shown support for this. As the Common Core continues to move forward in the other states that still use it, Nebraska will remain strong in its educational solidarity.