Review: Hamilton Buhl Trios Multi-Media Headset w/ Gooseneck Mic

As technology use in the classroom grows, it is important to have quality equipment that will work with all your devices, old or new. In addition, you want your equipment to withstand the tests of time and continuous use. However, it can be difficult finding a model that will suit your needs, in quality and durability. If you’re looking for a headset that can easily connect to any device and stand up to all types of environments, you should look no further than the Hamilton Buhl Trios Multi-Media Headset with Gooseneck Mic.

The Trios Multimedia headset sets a new industry standard by providing all you need to connect to any device in one headset. The Trios provides three, color-coded plugs, held together using chew and kink-resistant Dura-cord. The special properties of the Dura-cord allow for the cables to stay intact and reduce wear and tear, time after time. The pink and green plugs provide a microphone and stereo audio option for computers with separate inputs, which will not compromise the sound quality to and from the headset. For devices that need only a TRRS plug (serving both stereo audio and microphone uses), the black plug is already built into the headset. By providing the three plugs, the Trios eliminates the need for other headsets, and saves classrooms, offices, or tech departments from switching between different models. For a classroom that might switch from using a PC to a iPad, the Trios makes the transition easy, saving the teacher and students time for learning. It also allows for the headset to easily be connected to media players or video game consoles–a must-have for a classroom that is expanding its device use.

The build of the headset makes for a sturdy yet comfortable fit. Using over-ear leatherette ear cushions, the headset is built for noise isolation, which allows for the 40mm ABS magnet speakers shine, making it perfect for a busy and load environment. The rest of the headset utilizes leatherette padding along the headband, making it comfortable for long-term use. The headband also folds up, making it easy to store away.

The gooseneck microphone is a smart design choice: its flexibility allows for the use of the microphone to be adjusted at any angle, or be moved away when not in use. So students can Skype their international penpals one hour, but move on to their audio language lesson the next, without changing their headsets.

The Trios headset is easy to sanitize. Using the Hamilton Buhl HygenX portable sanitizer system, or by using your own sanitary wipes and changing the disposable ear cushion covers, you can keep your headsets protected from germs and grime. The easy sanitation not only makes your classrooms safer, but the Trios can be utilized in public settings, such as libraries, testing centers, call centers and more.

Overall, it is built to last physically, and maintain a future-proof status by eliminating the need to switch out headsets. For a classroom that is growing its capacity and need for durable and high-quality technology, the Trios headset is worth its cost. Not only can it be a time saver in the classroom, but it can also travel safely from room to room, or in a student’s backpack. It’s made to last, especially since the tri-plug allows it to always be able to connect to a device, new or old.

We are selling the Hamilton Buhl Trios headset at only $19.99 each, with gives you almost $14 in savings per pair. So pre-order your Trios headsets today through our website for shipping by the end of February, or contact us for more information.