Solving Organizational Challenges With Califone CA-2 Headphones for Individual Storage

Any teacher or administrator will tell you that organization is the key to classroom success. Organization not only creates an efficient classroom, but it can also reduce stress in students and teachers. As teachers incorporate digital devices and equipment into their lesson plans, tech organization is no exception.

Technology equipment, however, can be difficult to sort and keep tidy. With attached cables and cords that commonly tangle together, objects like headphones are difficult to keep together without incident. And when models are all the same, it can be hard for administrators to assign headphones to students without adding permanent labels to the headphones. This can become a problem later on when inventory systems change or new devices are added.

To help teachers, administrators, and tech specialists stay on top of their organization efforts, Califone provides a different solution: the Califone CA-2 headphones for individual storage. These lightweight stereo headphones come with a personal bag that has an attached labeling area, making it easy to assign a name or number without physically marking the headphones. This easy labeling ensures that students will hold on to their assigned headphones as well as help IT specialists update records accurately. In addition, the individual storage of each headphone makes it easy for teachers to store headphones together on a shelf or in a box, without worrying that the cords will tangle together. This neat and efficient storage system will save teachers valuable time that can be better spent in the classroom.

However, these bags are more than just a labeling tool. The moisture-resistant storage bag also kills head lice within 24-48 hours, making each set safe for reuse. Reducing lice outbreaks is an important safety measure every classroom must take, so knowing that the headphones are safe for use is one less worry for students and teachers. It will also save a school money from buying new replacements. The bags also prevent lice from spreading among students, because teachers can track the bags with ease.

The headphone cable can withstand regular use and hard tugs due to the permanently attached and reinforced straight cord. Teachers will not have to worry about attaching the correct cables, making the headphones easy to use at any moment. The cable length (6 feet) also allows a user to move around freely while reducing accidental tugging or pulling that typically occurs with shorter cables. Plus, the recessed wiring keeps student fingers from prying the cables out, which protects both the student and the headphones from harm.

In addition, Califone CA-2 headphones are easy to use and adjust for any student. With the adjustable headband, students can make sure the headphones stay nice and snug without pinching. The foam earpads provide extra comfort to students and are easy to replace with new pads are needed. The noise-reducing on-ear style of the earcups also keeps students on task and free from any exterior distraction. This  on-ear style also diminishes the need to raise the listening volume to a dangerous level, which will protect the students’ hearing. Made with ABS plastic, these headphones are durable and easy to clean with disinfectant spray or wipes, making them a perfect listening tool for a germ-free classroom.

Overall, these headphones will serve every classroom’s basic sound needs while promoting a clean and organized environment. And with your purchase of the Califone CA-2 headphones through Encore Data Products, your headphones come with a guaranteed warranty for school use. For its great price and quality, the Califone CA-2 headphones can help every classroom with their basic listening needs. To learn more about the Califone CA-2 headphones or comparable models, contact us. For schools looking at the many options for common core headphones, we have specialists standing by. We can help you find the right model and listening system for your school.