Three Ways You Can Use Wholesale Headphones

If your department needs headphones, you may have considered buying at wholesale prices but wasn’t sure about the quality or how it works. We are here to set your mind at ease with three ways you can use wholesale headphones to your advantage. Whether you are using them as a promotional deal, in a hotel, or gym, or simply want an inexpensive option for a school or hospital, you won’t find a better deal for a quality product.

The Price Point Advantage

The major advantage of wholesale headphones is the price-point difference. Let’s use the ENC-06 Stereo Wholesale Headphones as an example. These headphones have everything you need such as individual packaging, a standard 3.5mm plug, a six-foot cord, and sound quality. Since they are disposable, you do not have to worry about hygiene issues or if one becomes lost.

The price difference is quite amazing. If you were to buy one of these headphones, you are looking at paying $1.49, which is still a discount from the $2.99 retail price. However, here is where the savings are.

  • Buy 100 – 399    Price: $1.19
  • Buy 400 – 1,999 Price: $1.09
  • Buy 2,000+        Price   $0.99

The savings come up to at least $30 for the lowest price break as compared to the full price for individual headphones and a massive $1000 savings if you buy the 2000 headphones at the discount vs. the individual price.

The Quality is the same if Bought Individually vs. Bulk or Wholesale

Sure, there are more expensive headphones that are available and some have better quality with all of the bells and whistles. However, for a bulk amount of disposable headphones, you will find the quality you need for whatever it is you use these headphones for.

And unless you have an unlimited budget for the highest quality product available, these are an excellent alternative that won’t have your budget in the red but will allow you to supply the classroom, hotel room, music room, or gym with headphones that work well and are easily replaceable if needed.

Less Replacement Costs

One of the most important factors in using wholesale headphones to your advantage is that if one is lost or thrown away, you simply get another out of the box. Instead of buying a lot of expensive headphones where when one gets lost it is quite a bit out-of-pocket to replace it, instead invest in the wholesale option so you always have enough on hand and it is not a big deal if you have to replace a lost or damaged headphones.

Things to Keep in Mind

Not only do you save money when buying wholesale headphones for your needs, there are other savings as well. For instance, orders of $49.99 get free shipping so you are saving quite a bit right there. Of course, if you need your items in a hurry, you can expedite your order at an extra fee but that fee is not on top of shipping charges that were already being charged to you. 99% of the orders ship out the same day though so unless it’s an emergency, you probably won’t even have to use expedited shipping but it is there just in case you need it.

We pride ourselves with an ever-expanding product selection from top brands; free shipping options, competitive pricing and easy ordering for all of your needs. And if we don’t have it, let us know and we might be able to get it for you.

If you are still not sure if whole headphones are right for your organization or company, simply contact us and we will be more than happy to answer any questions or concerns you may have.