Califone 3068-AV Headphones Switchable Stereo/Mono Headphones 30 Case

Califone 3068-AV Headphones Switchable Stereo/Mono Headphones 30 Case


Part #: G-3068AV-30
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Retail Price: $540.00
Our Price: $299.70


Part number: G-3068AV-30

Case of 30 Califone 3068-AV Headphones

This durable headphone sets the educator's standard for listening centers, ELL, ELD and language learning activities.

The 3068-AV Califone Headphones deliver performance at an economical price for 1:1 instruction in listening centers and library headphone uses. One primary advantage of the Califone 3068-AV is its ability to switch between typical monaural functions such as in English Language Learning / English Language Development, language labs and speech pathology applications. The stereo mode is often used for computer workstations and music appreciation classes in classrooms. Califone designed these headphones with the stereo/mono user switch for optimal sound quality. Use of an internal processor to attempt this function has been shown to create quality issues which can include but are not limited to: decreased frequency response, increased distortion and diminished volume levels for students.

* Ideal for monaural language applications and stereo needs of computer workstations (for schools and libraries)
* Individual volume control
* Adjustable & padded headband
* Around-ear ambient noise-reducing earcups deliver maximum protection against exterior sounds (without added electronic circuitry and expense). This reduces the need to increase the volume (protecting the ears) and helps keep students on task.
* Made with rugged ABS plastic for durability
* Dual plug sizes (3.5mm with snap on 1/4" adapter) to fit any media player
* Cleanable and replaceable cushioned leatherette earpads