Jigabot EX Extended Life - Black

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Jigabot EX Bot is a Robotic Camera Operator

EX Bot rotates to follow a subject, aiming an attached camera, smartphone, laptop, tablet, light, microphone, or any other device. EX Bot has been optimized for use in any venue, by any user, within any industry. It auto-senses everything, and requires no configuration for most uses. It works with unique and incredible smoothness, responsiveness, and accuracy. EX Bot is the world’s most advanced auto-tracking robot (ATR). And a must-have tool for anyone who works with video.


  • hybrid & remote education (using a recording & streaming app such as Zoom, Teams, Meet, etc.)
  • teacher development (recording teaching sessions for later sharing and evaluation)
  • teacher examples or demonstrations
  • instruction assistance (seeing teacher notes such as PowerPoint slides, or text from a teleprompter app while moving around)
  • student spotlight-tracking on a stage
  • students delivering news as they move around
  • students reading a teleprompter app as they do the weather in front of a green screen
  • students tracking actors on a stage, cheer leaders practicing, volleyball players competing, or robotic vehicles demonstrating around a gym, etc.


Includes a black EX Bot, a 9-hour DOT Driver with 4 DOTs (for all-day teaching before a charge), and all accessories to mount a smartphone, or tablet, or camera. You can also choose between a Desktop Tripod or Full-Size Tripod (which stands over 5 feet high and allows the EX Bot to be situated on the floor.) This kit also includes your choice of a Bluetooth Mic or a 4-Mic system (which records all 4 channels of audio to your mounted smartphone, tablet, or camera.)

  • Record or stream yourself as you move around a classroom, a stage, or a board room. (Or record multiple others as they move around simultaneously.)
  • Capture an event from multiple cameras, without adding more crew members to operate them. (Or multiple people on the stage, each requiring multiple camera angles, tracking lights, and mics.)
  • Spotlight a person on a stage with a light as they move around, without having someone physically aiming the light. (Or multiple lights from multiple positions, at multiple moving subjects.)
  • View your PowerPoint slides on a laptop as you move around training, presenting, or inspiring. (Or seeing a video, pictures, notes as you move around.)
  • Read from a teleprompter as you move around, delivering the news, the word, the hype, or anything else. (Or reading from a teleprompter app on your phone, tablet or laptop as you or others move around.)


  • Tracks regardless of how fast a subject moves, or where a subject faces. More robust than face-tracking AI, radio RTLS , or GPS
  • Follows a subject up to 100 feet away
  • Frames a subject 90 times per second
  • Pin-points locations to within 8 inches of accuracy at 100 feet away. More accurate than face-tracking AI, radio RTLS , or GPS
  • Uses infrared (IR) signal patterns, emitted from tiny DOTs attached to a subject, which can be powered for up to 9 hours per charge
  • Recognizes up to 4 discrete IR patterns, allowing 4 separate subjects to be tracked simultaneously
  • Allows any number of EX Bots to track a given subject, allowing for multiple camera angles
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Auto-Tracking Camera Robots
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