Fluent FA-WIS900-2 Wireless Coaching System

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The Fluent FA-WIS900-2 Wireless Coaching System is an efficient and effective way for any two people to communicate with each other up to 800 feet apart. Coaches and athletes wear a small, wireless transmitter that continuously transmits and receives audio. You do not need to push any buttons on the transceiver to talk, it’s completely hands-free.

Each System includes one transceiver and headset microphone for the coach and one transceiver for the athlete. Transceivers continuously transmit and receiver audio, so you are in constant contact with each other.

Weighing just 6 ounces each, Fluent Transceivers are lightweight and easy to wear all day.

Long Range Reception
With a range of up to 500 feet and 40 channels, the Fluent Wireless Coaching System provides user flexibility that is second to none.

Outstanding Audio Clarity
With its new digital design, robust interference rejection with BAW filters, the Fluent Wireless Coaching System provides a clear, reliable, and secure signal transmission far superior to 2-way radios or other wireless systems.

Built-in Batteries, 3 Hour Recharge (no need to spend money on AA batteries)
Charging is quick and easy—with built-in lithium ion batteries, smart charging technology, and a drop-in charging tray, your entire system can be charged in 3 hours or less. A single charge will allow transceivers to operate for 10 hours.

Easy Programming
Easy to read LCD displays allows for fast, trouble-free set-up of users desired settings.

Full Duplex Communication
Handsfree full duplex communication allows coaches to instruct athletes with their usual natural flow and coaches can hear every word. Coaches and athletes can communicate hands-free while up to 800 feet apart.


  • Frequency Range: 902 MHz – 928 MHz
  • Modulation: GFSK Frequency Hopping
  • Channels: 40
  • Charging time: 3 hours-Smart Charging
  • Weight: 6 ounces
  • Dimensions: 2 inches x 5 inches x .5 inches