Califone WS-TG10 10-Person Tour Group Listening System

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10-Person Tour Group System

The WSTG10 10-Person Tour Group System is designed specifically for use in tour groups and meetings led by guides or docents. It could also be used for translation purposes in houses of worship, for back-to-school nights and other settings where mobile audio assistance is needed.

The heart of the system is one transmitter with a headset mic and ten receivers, each with their own headphone. The system has 16 available channels and all units must be set to the same channel so they can interact with each other. The 300' wireless transmission range from the transmitter enables listeners to hear amplified audio throughout tours during visits at places such as zoos, museums, historical sites, or other group environments such as auditoriums. A single receiver has two headphone jacks so that two listeners can hear the audio content simultaneously by simply plugging their 3060AV headphones into each headphone jack located on the matching WS-R wireless audio system receiver.

Each 10-person tour group system consists of ten 3060AV headphones, one WS-T transmitter, ten WS-R receivers, three WS-CH 4-piece beltpack rechargers one WS-CHP power adapter for the WS-CH, and one HBM319 headset microphone, all stored inside one portable WS-CS12 carrying case.

System Includes:

  • One WS-T transmitter
  • Ten WS-R receiver
  • One HBM319 headband mic
  • Ten 3060AV headphones
  • Three WS-CH 4-piece beltpack rechargers
  • One WS-CHP Power Adapter for 4-piece
  • One WS-CS12 Case

Part number: WS TG10