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Fluent Audio 5 Receiver 900MHz Compact Tour Guide System

MSRP: $1,669.00
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The Fluent Audio Digital Tour Guide Systems are the perfect solution for any organization that wants to make sure their visitors/guests/customers understand every word. This system is ideal for indoor or outdoor tours of any venue and is great for language interpretation as well.

Great for manufacturers, museums, government agencies, houses of worship, tour companies, and businesses.

Outstanding digital audio is supplied from a small, lightweight wireless audio system. The Fluent Audio 900MHz Compact system combines a small package with outstanding features. Incorporating a new digital design with robust interference rejection, the FA-DTG900 utilizes built-in switching diversity antennas to provide a more reliable and secure transmission of the FM signal. The transmitter broadcasts a high-quality one-way audio signal to an unlimited number of receivers providing crystal clear FM audio to each listener with a transmission range of up to 600 feet line of site. Each transmitter and receiver has a lithium ion battery (600mAh) which provides up to 24 hours of operation and utilizes smart charging technology to fully charge each unit in no more than two hours. With easy to read LCD displays, transmitters and receivers are easily programmed and ready to operate in minutes.

Weighing less than 1.5 ounces each, FA-DTG Compact transmitters and receivers are lightweight and easy to wear all day.

Long Range Reception
With a range of up to 600 feet and 25 channels, the FA-DTG Compact system provides user flexibility that is second to none.

Outstanding Audio Clarity
With its new digital design, robust interference rejection, and switching diversity antennas, the 900MHz Compact provides a clear, reliable, and secure signal transmission far superior to systems other frequencies.

Built-in Batteries, Two Hour Recharge (no need to spend money on AA batteries)
Charging is quick and easy—with built-in lithium ion batteries, smart charging technology, and a 24-slot drop-in charging tray, your entire system can be charged in two hours or less. A single charge will allow transmitters to operate for a minimum of 16 hours and receivers for 24 hours.

Easy Programming
Easy to read LCD displays allows for fast, trouble-free set-up of users desired settings.

Super Lightweight & Convenient
No more lugging around multiple boxes or heavy 40 pound audio cases—our Compact systems fit into a small soft-sided carry case and weigh less than 10 pounds.

System Components
(1) 900 MHz Compact Transmitter, (5) 900 MHz Compact Receivers, (5) Headphones, (1) Headset Mic, (1) Soft Carry Case, (1) 6 Slot Drop-in Charger

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