Call Center Headsets

In order for your employees to do their best work, we know it is important to offer them external noise reduction in a headset made for remote working and collaboration. These products make excellent call center headsets:

Important features for Call Center Headsets include:
  • Noise cancelling headsets prevent conversations from coworkers from being heard. The noise of a call center can be difficult to talk over, and difficult to hear over.
  • Connectivity to USB or TRRS: It's important to know which one you need.
  • In-line volume control for quick adjustment of call volume.

Frequently Asked Questions About Call Center Headsets:

What is the best headset for call centers?

The best headset for a call center depends of budget, technology, connectivity options, noise cancelling features, and needs for extras such as in-line volume controls, monoaural style, and more. Contact our call center headset specialists today, and we will help you find the perfect headset for your needs.

What headsets do call centers use?

Many call centers use noise reduction headsets to prevent the noise of a call center from overtaking conversations with prospects or customers on the phone. Many use a single / mono ear headset, but it depends on the call center. An in-line volume control can be a nice touch - to quickly adjust volume up or down as the conversation and/or call center surrounding require!

How do call centers reduce noise?

Call centers reduce noise using special noise reduction technologies both in their surroundings - and in the call center headsets themselves. There are many great options for call center headsets with noise reduction technology. Let our specialists help you find the right option today!

What is the best headset for a call center?

Call centers have specific needs for headsets: Noise reduction technology is a must, as call centers can be quite noisy and this can distract from conversations, making hem much less effective. Call centers also require very clear audio, and so call center headsets must have high quality sound and microphone capabilities. Contact our specialists to help you find the best call center headset for your needs today!