JAR Systems

JAR Systems Flex-Share Charging Stations | 32 User Mobile Bundle

MSRP: $1,899.00
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The Active Charge Starter Kit for Adapt12 USB-C Charging Stations provides a better way to keep devices active with portable power access. The ability to power devices anywhere means work doesn't have to halt due to low batteries. In classrooms, it enables students to keep learning regardless of the surrounding infrastructure and increases the battery runtime of older devices. 

Easy to implement, it saves time by including all essential items such as 4 power banks to actively charge devices while in use, adapters to connect your specific devices, and a USB-C charging station compatible with the power banks as well as other small devices such as phones or handhelds. The Adapt12 USB-C PD Charging Station delivers an efficient charge, automatically adjusting to the device's power requirements, whether it is a power bank or a mobile phone.

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