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Instant voice/language interpretation -- great for ESL/ELL programs & parent meetings

Front Office Interpreter addresses the challenges of facing a language barrier while interacting with students, parents, patients, customers and co-workers. Students in ESL/ELL programs may not fully understand English instructions and their parents or other family members can find it difficult to voice their input during school meetings or visits. Let's not forget that patients, customers, and co-workers need to receive critical information and directions. It can be frustrating to find another person to act as an interpreter when communication in another language is required. We've got your solution!

Fluent’s Front Office Interpreter can eliminate all those awkward and frustrating situations. All you need to do is press a button, speak, and get the voice interpretation instantly, allowing you to communicate with virtually anyone in 50 different languages. Use it in the classroom, meeting rooms, doctor's offices, reception desks, or anywhere language barriers prevent communication.  A popular choice for your hotel, school front office and more.


  • Fast, highly accurate interpretation in 50 languages
  • Dual 7” screen for easy viewing and operation
  • Two-way Microphone buttons for language interpretation.
  • Provides both visual (read) and audible (hear) interpretation
  • Interfaces with your Wi-Fi Network


Q: How does the Interpreter work?

A: The translation is done using a combination of Iflytek, Google, Nuance and Microsoft voice engines. Updates for new words and trending words are done in real time to optimize the identification and translation of slang, accented sentences and special words.

Q:Does anyone see the data and transcriptions other than the user?
A: No one can see the data and transcription except the user.

Where is the data stored, if at all?
A: The data is stored on the device. It is not stored on remote servers.

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