Using the website navigation can get you to a general category, but it is the filters that will help you find the right product. 

Filter Glossary


Headphone Type

Earpad Type

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Microphone Type

Encore is fortunate to work closely with the best brands for Education Headphones. If you know the band you want, you can filter by just that brand.

Headphones can vary greatly in cost, warranty, durability, quality of sound or microphone, and more. You can filter by type to help.



Most durable, usually a manufacturer warranty of a year or more, better quality materials and sound.


Budget/Limited Use

Warranties vary from 3 months to no warranty (but will work "out of the bag"). Quality and durability are less than a full Classroom headphone.


Earpad style may be a filter that helps narrow your options. 


Over Ear

Typically larger in overall size and earpads that completely cover the ear. Can sometimes limiting background noise.


On Ear

More compact in size and earpad rests on the ear. 



Small compact and rest in ear canal. Sometimes a cost effective options

This is an important one, as not all plugs work with all equipment. You are advised to know which one you need.


3.5 mm

This is a standard (smaller) plug that is used for computer and phones. Most are stereo (R/L) and sometimes they are mono.


TRRS 3.5 mm

Same size and look of 3.5 mm but has has microphone connection in addition to stereo sound.



Better quality and sound and more durable are a few advantages. USB can be more expensive than 3.5mm options.



Bluetooth headphones use short-range radio waves to transmit audio signals without a plug or wire.

We filter by Adjustable or In-line. Some headphone mics have specific technical features or meet certain tech specifications. We are happy to help navigate those differences if you need. Please contact us today.



Some refer to them as "boom" mic. Are an extension of the headphone to comfortably place mic in front of the user.


With a wired headphone, the mic is integrated into the wire in a position that the user's voice is recognized.



Below is a good example of using categories (microphone or not) and filters (plug type). 

Do you want a microphone?

Plug Type?

Plug Type?

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