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Encore Data Products supplies the education, health and fitness, hospitality, business and government industries with high quality audio visual equipment and technology accessories. While we do carry many different types of audio-visual equipment, we specialize in a wide range of headphones -- with and without microphones, different plug types for use with different devices, various sizes for use with children and adults, and a multitude of applications from education and leisure to remote work and gaming.

Our online offering also includes AV technology like webcams and document cameras; charge & sync carts, cabinets and stations; group communication systems; device cases; podcasting kits; and clean & healthy supplies to keep shared equipment disinfected and protected. Visit our Home Page Main Menu to view all product categories.

Encore Data Products carries many of the top brands of AV solutions and technology accessories for schools, call centers, medical centers, fitness centers, hotels and more including AVID Products, Califone, Cyber Acoustics, HamiltonBuhl, IPEVO, Kensington, Logitech, Luxor, MAXCases, Soundnetic, and ThinkWrite. For a complete list of brands, click Shop All Brands on the Home Page.

If you know the exact product you are looking for, the best way to find that product is to use the Search bar located in the upper left-hand corner of the web page. To search for a particular brand, select Shop All Brands on the Home Page. If you don't have any paticular product or brand in mind, review the drop down menus of the main products categories listed on the Home Page. See the graphic below that oulines the various product categories we offer.

Filter Glossary


Headphone Type

Earpad Type

Plug Type

Microphone Type

Encore Data Products  is fortunate to work closely with many of the best brands of headphones. Find the brand you're looking for or learn more about each brand by visiting their brand page on our website.

Headphone Types can vary greatly in cost, warranty, durability and quality. Start by filtering two major Headphone Types to help narrow your search.


Classroom Headphones  

These headphones are durable, usually come with a warranty of 1 year, are made with higher quality materials, and provide better sound.


Budget/Limited Use Headphones

These are limited or single use headphones with 0-3 month warranties and made with lower quality and less durability than a Classroom Headphone.


Earpad Type can filter between larger and smaller earpads that offer different functionality.


Over Ear Headphones

These earpards are typically larger in size, completely covering the ear to provide a more immersive listening experience and limit background noise.


On Ear Headphones

These earpads are more compact in size and rest on the ear, allowing the user to hear  instruction or other important sound.



These small, compact and highly portable earpads rest in ear canal and provide a budget friendly option for large quantity needs.

Plug Type is important, as not all plugs work with all equipment. Identify what you'll be plugging into and which plug type you'll need to be compatible.


3.5 mm Plug

This is a standard pin plug that is used with most PC's, laptops, Chromebooks and smartphones. The 3.5mm (1/8") plug is typically designed for stereo listening (R/L) but sometimes designed for mono or single ear listening.


TRRS 3.5 mm Plug

The TRRS plug is the same size and appearance of a 3.5 mm pin plug but includes added connectivity for microphone sound pickup.


USB Plug

The USB plug includes more complex wiring which produces better sound quality and also increases headphone cost. USB plugs generally add $3-$5 to the per unit price of headphones, making them appropriate for applications requiring accurate listening comprehension and microphone pickup.


USB-C Plug

The USB-C plug, previously used for device charging, is replacing the lightning cable that connects accessories to Apple iPads and iPhones. USB-C plugs offer a more universal and accessible connector to Apple products.



Bluetooth is not necessarily a plug type, but more of a wireless connection that uses short-range radio waves to transmit audio signals without a plug or wire. Bluetooth headphones can be challenging to connect simultaneously with large groups and/or poor broadband.

There are two major Microphone Types that include Adjustable and

In-line, plus a range of technical specifications like impedence, variance, drivers, etc. Check the specifications listed for each headphone or contact us for assistance.



An Adjustable Microphone, sometimes referred  to as "boom" microphone, is an extension of the headphones that comfortably places the microphone in front of the user.



An In-line Microphone is a mic that's integrated into the cord, below the earcup and in close proximity to the shoulder/neck region for vocal pickup. Many in-line microphones include a mute button to prevent the trasnmission of background noice when not in use.



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