BoardShare Base System BC8001 Bluetooth Interactive Whiteboard Camera System

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BoardShare Base System BC8001 Bluetooth Interactive Whiteboard Camera System


Part #: BC8001 BT
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Price: $599.00


Volume pricing available:  Please call 866-926-1669 or email

BoardShare Interactive Device – Bluetooth Unit

The new BoardShare Bluetooth camera heightens BoardShare’s portability and flexibility in classroom setup. This camera can be powered by hooking it up to your computer via USB, or by plugging it in to any power source. In addition to the camera, pen stylus, software, and USB cord, you will also receive a power adapter. Like the USB camera, the Bluetooth camera faces the display surface and communicates with the pen stylus.

If you're familiar with the BoardShare USB- powered unit, you will love the BoardShare Bluetooth unit!

BoardShare is a completley portable device, that, when paired with your own laptop and projector makes any surface interactive. Ideal for any educator, presenter, or trainer the BoardShare camera fits easily into pockets, purses, or briefcases.

The Bluetooth unit incorporates all of the fantastic features of the USB-powered unit including (but not limited to) the ability to:

Access hundreds of software-based virtual whiteboards.
Annotate on and interact with computer files, Internet content, or 3rd party software.
Share and print any document or file from the Internet or your computer at any time.
Use an array of tools including virtual pens, erasers, highlighters and colors.
The Bluetooth unit takes BoardShare’s portaiblity to a new level, as it can be hooked up to the computer or plugged into any power source in the room. This allows for greater flexibility in setup.

- Projector and computer not included.
- Minimum Requirements: Windows 7 , bluetooth 4.0 enabled computer
Please note:  This Bluetooth version is for Windows only, it does not work with Mac.