QOMO Interactive Podium Monitor PresenStation 600F3

QIT600 F3
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The PresenStation 600F3 (QIT600 F3) is QOMO's latest and greatest widescreen interactive podium monitor. Control your lecture or presentation without turning your back to your audience.

On your desktop, it's a powerful tablet with a large, bright, and incredibly responsive display.

Complete control from one screen, so your eyes can stay on your audience. Make any presentation more interactive and adaptive. Write, draw, and annotate directly with your fingers, or with the precise EM pen. Control multiple displays without ever turning your back to the audience. Annotate over any screen image or video with QOMO Flow!Works Pro.

Adjust the PresenStation to the most comfortable writing angle, between 90 degrees and almost completely flat, allowing nearly limitless positioning.

The back of the PresenStation has a standard VESA pattern. Attach to virtually any 3rd-party mount, directly to your podium or desk.

Pair the PresenStation with a QOMO QShare for wireless communication and the BundleBoard for 4K sharp and vibrant display.