HamiltonBuhl HygenX45 Sanitary Headphone Covers Over-Ear 50 Pr Blue

HamiltonBuhl HygenX45 Sanitary Headphone Covers Over-Ear 50 Pr Blue


Part #: HYGENX45BL
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Retail Price: $23.19
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Part number: HYGENX45BL

Introducing HygenX Disposable Headphone Covers by Hamilton Buhl. These covers allow the sharing of headphones and headsets in schools, businesses, hospitals, museums and at home. Simply stretch the cover around your earphone and you're ready to use your headphones with the peace of mind and cleanliness you want.

HygenX Disposable Covers are the perfect accessory for headphones and headsets that are in shared environments. Keeping proper hygiene is more important now than ever and these covers are an easy way to keep your students, customers and patients cleaner. Hypoallergenic material and weave design give you full sound quality, comfort and protection. For added convenience, HygenX covers come in unique "tissue box" style packaging for easy storage and distribution.

Education: Listening centers, computer labs, media centers
Business: Recording studios, display and demo headphones, trade shows, group presentations
Healthcare: Headphones for patients and visitors, MRI headphones
Worksite: Keep hearing protection devices clean

Specifications: HygenX45 for On-Ear Headphones and Headsets
Outer Diameter: 3 3/4 Inches
Stretches to Approximately 5 inches
Hypoallergenic polyester material
Each dispenser box contains 100 individual headphone covers (50 pair)

HygenX45 fits all Hamilton Over-Ear/Deluxel headphones and headsets including:
SC-7V, KIDS-SC-7V, CL-LED, CL-7V, HA5USB, HA-66USBSM, HA-66M, TLX-44S, MG51-USB, HA7, HA7M, HA5USBSM, W900-MULTI, HA-31 (and many other brands)
\HygenX45 fits most competitive educational and consumer headphones with similar ear cushion sizes, check outer diameter for exact fit.