AVID Education AE-36 Classroom Computer Stereo Headset

With the number of tests students need to take under common core, educators are looking for quality products that can provide the best environment to help their students succeed. The computer-based programs used in the classroom for Common Core lessons and testing require quality headphones and each student needs a pair, which can get expensive. The AVID AE-36 classroom computer stereo headset offers superior performance at an affordable price making it an excellent fit for your testing needs.

Does Common Core Testing Require Headphones?

Under Common Core, English Language Arts/Literacy testing sessions in the PARCC and Smarter Balanced assessments have audio requirements that necessitate students have headphones. Headphones must also be provided for students who need text-to-speech accommodations. Oral responses are likely to be added next year which will require a microphone as well as passive listening devices. Outside of these tests, headsets allow instructors to incorporate audio/visual techniques into their daily lessons and those which offer noise reduction can help students focus on their individual work.

Should We Buy Earbuds or an Over the Ear Style?

While an inexpensive option, earbud style headphones, which do not always properly fit a child’s ears and can be difficult for small hands to place correctly, may not be the best option for the high intensity setting of tests. The AVID AE-36 is a great pair of education headphones and offers permanently padded vinyl earpads which fit over the entirety of a child’s ears. These earpads provide a more comfortable experience and help with noise reduction, which helps keep children focused. The adjustable padded headband keeps this style secure and comfortable during a long session. Schools will appreciate the durability and the easy cleaning provided by the over the ear style. With care, the AVID AE-36 will last through many students and many testing sessions.

Will the AVID AE-36 Work With My Classroom Devices?

Unlike similar styles, the AVID AE-36 uses a single plug to operate both the headphone and the microphone. By consolidating mic and sound into a single line, schools no longer have to purchase or adapt to machines with two jacks. The single jack makes these headphones perfect for portable technology devices, such as Chromebooks, iPads, and certain laptops which only come with a single input. These headphones work equally well on all laptops and desktops either individually or in a computer lab. The headphones come with a durable 6 foot cord easy to adapt for a variety of situations.

What Does the AE-36 Headset Look Like?

The AE-36 headphones come in a range of fun colors that kids will love. Instructors can purchase these headphones in black with green, orange, or white styles. Or, if purchasing headphones in bulk, can choose a mix of colors to suit the preferences of a larger group. The headphones have sleek, streamlined lines which mimic popular headsets for personal use. Students can adjust both the headband and the microphone to personalize the AE-36 to fit their individual level of comfort.

Can My School Buy the AE-36 Headphones in Bulk?

The AE-36 can be purchased individually or in bulk. Encore Data Products offers the option to buy a AE-36 Classroom Pack of headphones, which includes 12 orange and black headsets in a durable carry case for convenience. The AE-36 is also available with discount pricing for bulk orders (50 or more) and Encore Data Products are offering a free AVID Education BB-992 Portable CD/MP3, Radio, Cassette Recorder with USB/SD Slot with the purchase of 100 headsets. Ground shipping is offered free for orders over $49.99.

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To purchase the AE-36 Classroom Computer Stereo Headset for your classroom or school or to discuss other data products to suit your needs, contact Encore Data Products.