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Great Gadgets for Remote Teaching and Presenting

Congratulations, teachers- you’ve made it through an entire semester of remote instruction! This is a huge accomplishment, particularly if you teach an elementary school grade full of energetic little students who find it hard to sit still in front of a computer screen for any length of time. No matter who your students are, or what subjects you teach, there’s no doubt that you deserve a huge round of applause (or, honestly, a medal of honor) for the seriously daunting undertaking of remote teaching.

Think about it- in just a few short months, you and your fellow educators have been tasked with restructuring your entire class curriculum and lesson plans to fit a fully-remote school day, sometimes for students as young as 4 years old! If that’s not a major accomplishment, we don’t know what is. We hope you look back on 2020 as the year you rose to meet each challenge head-on, adapting to best suit the needs of your students and parents. As far as we’re concerned, you’re heroes!

Unfortunately, though, we’re not out of the woods just yet. While we can now see some definite light at the end of this tunnel, it could be months before school resembles anything like the “normal” we remember. Though many school districts have plans in the works to safely welcome their students back in person safely within the next couple of months, the odds are good that we’re still going to have to rely on remote learning, at least part-time, for the foreseeable future. With teachers across the country anticipating more of the same for the second semester of the school year, now’s a good time to take a look at some helpful devices that can make remote teaching and presenting go a lot more smoothly in 2021.

Here are some of our favorite gadgets geared toward making remote teaching more streamlined and efficient, not to mention cutting down on some of the most common headaches teachers are experiencing:

auto-tracking cameraJigabot Camera Bundle – $995
Wouldn’t it be great if you could hire a camera person to follow you around your classroom during a remote lesson? Imagine being able to efficiently utilize all of your teaching materials as if you were standing in front of a live class. Thanks to Jigabot, this dream can be a reality!

The Jigabot auto-tracking robot camera helps teachers take a futuristic approach to presenting remote lessons to their students by taking the camera operation work off their plates, leaving them free to conduct class as usual. This adaptive, versatile camera robot works with just about any mobile device, as well as every streaming service, to smoothly and seamlessly follow you around your classroom wherever you go. Your students will always see you in the frame as you conduct your remote lessons- no need to worry if you are presenting the wrong portion of your smartboard!

Thanks to its smooth, responsive motors, Jigabot works whether your preferred camera is mirrorless, a camcorder, or a cinema camera tethered with cables. Pros use Jigabot to get the perfect shot every time, and now you can too!

web camQOMO HD Webcam with Built-In Microphone and Mount – $79
Need a different point of view than the one your built-in laptop webcam will allow? Say hello to the QOMO HD webcam. This high-definition camera with built-in microphone enables you to stream and record clearly for lessons, grade-level meetings, parent-teacher conferences, and more. Equipped with a sharp 1080p camera and dual mic, this 4K webcam captures audio and video much better than a standard laptop webcam. A USB connection allows for high-quality, plug and play image and video capturing with no drivers required.

The QOMO HD webcam is also easy to clip on, adjust, and move around, making for a highly user-friendly experience. Despite its small size, the QOMO HD webcam is able to deliver high-quality real-time images and video, making it a remote teaching powerhouse!

QOMO QPC22 ScannerCam 22USB Document Camera and Webcam – $235
Being able to scan documents to send to your students via Canvas or Google Classroom is an essential part of remote teaching. However, most people don’t have access to a document scanner at their house. What if you are trying to send an assigned reading or quiz and you currently aren’t anywhere near a scanner? Don’t worry- it’s the QPC22 ScannerCam to the rescue!

Document scanning is just one of the QPC22 ScannerCam’s impressive features- this affordable and ultra-portable gadget doubles as a webcam, making it ideal for transporting and presenting from home or school. Portable and lightweight enough to carry in your computer bag, set up the QPC22 ScannerCam anywhere to easily zoom, rotate, and flip captured images using your connected computer. Not bad for a device that only takes up as much desk space as a coffee mug!

ThinkWrite TW220 Ultra Durable Pro USB Headset- $34.99
One of the worst parts of working remotely is having to deal with so much background noise that you find it hard to concentrate on the task at hand! With this noise-canceling USB headset in your corner, however, every place in your house is a distraction-free zone!

The ThinkWrite TW220 Ultra Durable Pro USB Headset was exclusively designed by ThinkWrite Technologies to provide sustained comfort, superior sound, and signature durability. Ergonomically-designed soft contour 100%-contact ear cushions, improved sonic quality, and ThinkWrite’s unique ear cup swivel technology allow ears to remain protected from the stress of compression, the distraction of background noise, and strain of damaging frequencies over longer listening periods, while 40mm drivers deliver exceptional sound quality.

For recording lessons, the optimally-positioned flip-down omni-directional microphone boom will provide unparalleled sound quality for all students following along at home.

Remote teaching may not be a thing of the past just yet, but with these devices in your classroom, you can greatly improve not only your experience but that of your students! In order to prepare yourself for whatever the second semester of the school year holds, invest in these gadgets now- you won’t be sorry!

Top 6 Call Center Headsets (That Won’t Break the Bank!)

Owning a business comes with a number of expenses, especially when you’re first getting started. Office equipment, particularly that which relates to technology or communication, is not only one of the most vital and integral parts of your organization, but often some of the most costly components as well. From computers and copiers to software and stationery, office equipment can eat up a pretty significant chunk of the company budget.

This is especially true if a call center is an important part of your organization. Representatives who field inbound sales or customer service calls, as well as make outbound calls to attract new business, are in need of top-quality call center headsets that they can use comfortably and efficiently, with as little feedback, interference, or distortion as possible. This can appear daunting for a new business owner on a budget; however, we’re here to let you know that having top-quality call center headsets doesn’t necessarily mean having to pay top dollar. Here’s a list of our favorite call center headsets that can boost your business without breaking the bank.


With its sleek profile and comfortable fit, the AC-204 analog stereo headset is an ideal choice for VoIP call center use. Featuring 30mm dynamic drivers and a unique, adjustable over-the-head design that fits comfortably on any head size, and a flexible, noise-canceling boom mic with 180-degree rotation, the AC-204 is compatible with Android™, Apple®, Chromebook™, tablets, and most desktop computers.
The AC-204 utilizes a single 3.5mm plug and is backwards-compatible with all other hardware, thanks to the included Y-adapter. Starting at just $12.99, the AC-204 is a truly universal and affordable solution for call center headsets.

CYBER ACOUSTICS AC-6012 USB STEREO HEADSET ac-6012 call center headsets

Another great headset option from our friends at Cyber Acoustics, the AC-6012 utilizes a USB connector, compatible with any USB equipped device, and features in-line volume and mute control, unidirectional noise-canceling microphone, comfortable, easy-to-clean leatherette ear pads, a flexible boom arm, and adjustable headband.
Designed for durability, the AC-6012 is built to last! Its braided TuffCord™is engineered to withstand years of use without fraying. Starting at $21.99, the AC-6012 offers high quality at an affordable price!


Versatile and compatible with a wide variety of technologies, the durable and sleek Smart-Trek USB deluxe headsets are built to last- something every budget-conscious business owner wants to hear when shopping for call center headsets!

Smart-Trek USB headsets feature a rugged and comfortable design, making it comfortable for prolonged daily wear by your call center representatives. Its adjustable headband snaps easily into place to accommodate virtually every head size and shape.

The ear cups are made with high-quality leatherette ear cushions that are easy to clean, durable, and provide excellent noise-isolation- an important feature in call centers with a number of cubicles or desks located in a small communal space.
Smart-Trek headsets feature a durable, flexible, steel-reinforced gooseneck microphone and trusted Dura-Cord™ – Hamilton Buhl’s patented chew, kink, and knot-resistant, PVC-jacketed, braided nylon cord. With a starting price point of $20.95, business owners can get a lot of bang for their buck when they opt for Smart-Trek USB call center headsets.

AVID EDUCATION AE-36 STEREO HEADSET ae-36-wh-call-center-headset

While the AE-36 is also used in classrooms across America, these headsets are optimal for call center use, as they feature a single 3.5mm plug that operates both headphones and microphone. For call centers utilizing laptop computers or VoIP call center equipment that only feature a single headphone jack, the simple, streamlined design of the AE-36 eliminates the need for complicated and costly workarounds. And with a low entry point of just $12.89 per headset, the AE-36 is an affordable option that doesn’t sacrifice quality to come within budget!

CYBER ACOUSTICS AC-840 USB MONO HEADSET ac-840-call-center-headsets
Thanks to its 30mm dynamic driver, noise-canceling boom mic with 180-degree rotation, and sleek, comfortable fit, it’s hard to find call center headsets that beat the AC-840! Featuring a convenient in-line volume control and mute switch, your call center representatives will be able to easily and efficiently put customers on hold while transferring calls or answering multiple lines. The adjustable, over-the-head band provides lasting comfort for full workdays, and the easy-to-clean leatherette ear pads prioritize cleanliness and sanitization within the office. At $27.99, the AC-840 delivers on high quality at a low price!

CYBER ACOUSTICS AC-8020 USB STEREO HEADSET ac-8020-call-canter-headsets
Looking for call center headsets that perform basic listening/speaking functions and nearly-universal compatibility with USB devices? Look no further than the AC-8020. Starting at $19.99, the AC-8020 features a unidirectional, noise-canceling ambidextrous boom mic to minimize background noise and enhance professionalism. Lightweight and comfortable, these call center headsets get the job done!

Choosing the right call center headsets for your staff comes down to two things: price and quality. Each of the headset models on this list fulfills both requirements, giving you the freedom to choose the model you think will work best for your employees. Ultimately, it’s important to remember that when your call center representative connects with a current or prospective customer over one of these headsets, the quality of the call can set the tone, either positive or negative, for all future interactions with that client. Ensuring that your call center headsets are premium-quality can go a long way toward setting up your business for success in both sales and customer service.

By selecting one of these headset options for your company’s call center, you are making a lasting investment in your business. Since each of these call center headsets is designed for durability as well as clarity and sound quality, you will be able to use them in your call center for years to come.