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Fight Flu Season with Encore Data Products

Flu season is here and we’re here to help you with some tips and tricks to keep your classroom flu-free! We have many products that can help keep germs at bay. Disinfectant wipes for classroom supplies and surfaces, along with easy to clean and disposable options, all help to slow down the spread of illness in the classroom.

Disinfectant wipes:

Encore Data Products has disinfectant wipes that fit your classroom needs. If you want bulk disinfectant wipes that won’t dry out, and are safe for all surfaces, consider the Classroom & Library Performance Disinfectant Wipes or Gym & Spa Performance Disinfectant Wipes. They come in a set of 800 with a dispenser bucket that will make them last longer. In addition to killing the flu virus and other germs, these wipes will kill 99.9% of bacteria in 15 seconds! Disinfecting your most used classroom items can help keep your students safe from the flu.

HamiltonBuhl Sack-O-Phones:

If you’re looking for classroom headphones that are packaged to stay clean, get the Sack-O-Phones. The storage bag is heavy-duty, moisture-resistant, and anti-lice. When the headphones are sealed in the bag, lice are killed in 24-48 hours without the use of chemicals. You can also disinfect these headphones with our Classroom & Library Performance Disinfectant Wipes before sealing to keep them extra clean.

Sanitary Headphone Covers:

These are a great way to improve classroom cleanliness, and we have lots to choose from! There are large and small size options for on-ear headphones and over-ear headphones, and they come in a variety of colors. You can buy bulk disposable headphone covers or get them in 50 pair sets. We have tons of the top brands for sanitation like HamiltonBuhl, HygenX, and our own line of Encore Data Products covers. Put a fresh pair over your on-ear classroom headphones and they’re ready for your next class. Simply dispose of them when done. If your students share headphones, these are a perfect solution for keeping your classroom equipment clean!

ENC-313P Stereo Disposable Headphones:

These disposable headphones come individually sealed in a plastic bag. The leatherette ear pads are easy to clean and can be put right back in the resealable storage bags. Their low price makes it easy to replace them as needed. They’re affordable, easy to clean, and provide great sound quality for the price.

HygenX Vray Portable UV Sterilizer:

When you need to clean a variety of classroom items quickly, this lightweight, cordless UV-C sanitizer works great! It safely sterilizes and decontaminates any object or surface using a UV-C light, killing 99.9% of bacteria. This sterilizer features a rechargeable battery and is capable of hands-free and portable operation. It also has a patented safety sensor to automatically turn off when tilted to 30 degrees in either direction to prevent exposure to skin and eyes.

You can’t be too careful. Using these items, along with basic sanitation, will help keep your classroom cleaner and ready to take on flu season! Involve your students to help get the job done. Giving them a few easy responsibilities can save you time. Have them wipe down their own set of headphones after use, or make sure they throw away any used headphones covers when they’re done. Whatever approach you take this flu season, we at Encore Data Products wish you a healthy school year!


Attn: Educators!

Are you looking for a knowledgable resource to choose the correct headphone or headset for your classroom activities?

Encore has done the research for you by offering a wide selection of high quality headphones, headsets and earbuds designed for students from pre-K through high school. 

We partner with quality education manufacturers ensuring “classroom tough” solutions.

Quantity pricing is available for many items along with multi-packs.

Purchase orders also are accepted. Simply email your Purchase Order or fax to 303-482-1142.

Call us TOLL FREE: 866-926-1669 to discuss your needs – we will be happy to help.

Finally – follow us on social media for the latest news.

Remember to choose the correct plug type for your device!

Choose between on-ear , over ear ,headsets with mics , disposable headphones , classroom earbuds ,wireless headphones and multi-packs for easy storage.

Here’s a small selection – many more online!


The AVID AE35 Headphones / Headsets are a personal set of student headphones derived from our most popular headset model, the AVID AE-36 Headphones with microphone. The design has been specifically created and reinforced with the school environment in mind and is already used by thousands of children around the country.

This headphone comes with our signature braided Nylon cord for extra resistance to chewing.

For these reasons, it is perfect to give one to each student in the classroom and is easily stored in individual desks. Available in white or blue. Great choice for school headphones.










Award-winning, nearly indestructible Flex-Phones™ for pre-K and elementary school students are now available in a larger size to accommodate older students!Flex-PhonesXL™ headphones for teenagers come with the same great features, such as a single piece construction made of safe, non-toxic, BPA-free EVA foam.Soft and extremely flexible, Flex-PhonesXL™ come with a headband clip to help adjust and configure the fit for virtually any tween or teen.

Flex-PhonesXL™ comes with the exclusive Dura-Cord™ – the chew, kink and knot-resistant, PVC-jacketed, braided cord.




AVID AE9092 headphones are ideal for computers and tablets that use a TRRS single plug that combines the microphone and sound. Ideal as classroom headphones, library headphones and more.








Microphone on the cord; no boom mic
6′ braided nylon cord
Single 3.5mm TRRS plug
Volume control on cord
Padded vinyl earpads and headband – easy to clean!


AE-36 is the perfect match for use with devices with a single TRRS headphone jack that operates both the speakers and microphone.
– Permanent earpads will stay on the headphone even after multiple uses.
– The headband is padded and adjustable making it a great choice for all ages.

Kit contains:  12 AE-36 headsets in carry case.  Choose your colors!

Cord:  6 foot

Plug:  1/8″ (3.5mm) single plug operates headphones and mic

Your one stop shop for education headphones!

Our focus is offering the latest in classroom listening technology from quality education-centric manufacturers – such as HamiltonBuhl, Avid Education, Cyber Acoustics, Thinkwrite, Califone and Soundnetic. From pre-school headphones to early education headphones we have you covered with the best high-quality products. 
We understand the importance of students to learn and test at their own pace and external noise reduction is of utmost importance.
Encore has done the research for you by offering a wide selection of high-quality headphones, headsets, and earbuds designed for students from pre-K through high school. 
Quantity pricing is available for many items along with multi-packs.
Purchase orders also are accepted.
Feel free to call TOLL FREE: 866-926-1669 , order ONLINE
or fax to 303-482-1142.
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We also exhibit at the major education trade shows  #FETC #TCEA #CUE #ISTE
Be sure to come and see us!

Remember to choose the best device for your classroom learning situation!



Using on-ear school headphones is an economical solution for schools and educational centers to meet the demands of 21st-century education, technology, and testing requirements. The ear cushions rest on the outer ear, making the headphone light, comfortable and less prone to overheating the ears. The on-ear headphone style also allows the wearer the benefit from hearing the outside environment.
Selected with classrooms, learning and language labs, training facilities and educational touring in mind, Encore brings you a large selection from best brands in the business: Hamilton, Califone, AVID Education and our own designs. Whether you need disposable, multi-use with replaceable parts or easy to clean and disinfect on-ear headphones, our knowledgeable customer care team will guide you through determining your school’s needs and set you up with the audio equipment that fits your budget. Many early learning headphones, pre-school headphones, and early education headphones in this category meet the PARCC and Common Core testing requirements.




Our over-ear headphones create an enriched, personal hearing environment. These are ideal for educational settings as they provide high-quality sound with the durable designs for day-in-day-out use. Selected with classrooms, learning and language labs, training facilities and educational touring in mind, Encore brings you a large selection from best brands in the business: Hamilton, Califone and AVID Education. The school headphone earcups provide ambient noise-reducing qualities to allow the user to focus on the audio rather than external sounds. Whether you need stereo, mono or dual stereo/mono headphones with or without volume control, our knowledgeable customer care team will guide you through determining your facility’s needs and set you up with the audio equipment that fits your budget. Most headphones in this category meet the PARCC and Common Core testing requirements.
As a quick rule of thumb, monaural headphones are ideal for listening to single source recordings such as content for language learning and development (ELL/ELD) activities, speech pathology, and lesson videos.
Stereo headphones are ideal for educational gaming, online learning, music appreciation classes and 21st-century learning using mobile devices such as smartphones and tablets.
It is important to know if the audio source is a mono or stereo player as well since plugging a stereo headphone into a mono source will result in sound only coming from one of the two earcups. These are great for early learning, pre-school, and educational settings.



Encore helps you keep it simple or go high tech when your school is in need of headsets with microphones. Consider our many selections of early learning headphones and educational headsets. Selected with classrooms, learning and language labs, training facilities and educational touring in mind, Encore brings you a large selection from the best brands in the business: Hamilton, Califone, Cyber Acoustics and AVID Education.
Simple and economical earbuds or on-ear headsets with a boom or an inline mic can help your school engage in English Language Arts, language learning and development (ELL/ELD) activities, speech pathology, and other individualized instructional activities.
Schools with larger learning centers and bigger budgets may want to consider higher end headsets with mono/stereo, volume control or noise control options to provide the optimum individual learning environment from early learning through High School.
If your school is planning ahead for future PARCC and Common Core testing, legislation will begin requiring headphones with microphones for speaking and listening testing.


Should I buy classroom or disposable earbuds?
Classroom Ear Buds are sturdier and designed for long term usage.
Bulk Disposable Earbuds are priced LOW and still often last as long as the classroom versions, just without a warranty.  Great for testing, short-term use or giveaways.


Wireless headphones provide flexibility for those who do a lot of personal listening. No wires to tangle you up allows for greater mobility to listen, learn, play or work.
Encore’s selected systems are compatible for SMART/HDTV, DVD, Blu-Ray, gaming systems, computers, tablets, TV, mobile phones and music devices. Our wireless headphones are ideal for language learning, literacy groups, ELL / ELD applications, audiobook listening, and testing centers. Our brand options allow from 100′ to 300’ reception range from the digital wireless transmitter.
Choose from Califone’s color-coded transmission headphones or Hamilton’s multi-channel Bluetooth transmitter headphones; both allow up to four different color-coded channels of simultaneous audio listening. Headphones are sold separately or in systems of four.


Looking to create a media center or learning lab within your school? Allow Encore to provide you with package options to meet your budget and learning and testing needs. Encore brings you the best options from Hamilton and Califone. Choose from on-ear or over-ear school headphones and headsets in sets of 5, 10 or 12. Each set comes with a unique carry/storage kit. From early learning headphones to educational headphones these packs have many uses.
These sets are also great for libraries, testing center, museum tours, office environments, hotels, spas, gyms, airlines, tour companies and more.

5 Ways to Go Germ-Free in the Office

One of the best ways to keep an office productive is to reduce sickness from spreading in the workplace. Keeping the office space sanitary is increasingly important with more and more offices moving towards becoming collaborative workspaces. With more spaces shared by numerous people–from work tables to shared desks–it’s harder to keep track of who was sitting where. Even worse, collaborative space can create a workplace culture where employees are less inclined to clean up after themselves due to a lack of ownership of the space. Here are 5 methods that will help keep your offices cleaner and safer for all employees and visitors and will produce a cleaner culture.

  1. Provide sanitary wipes and cleaning products around the office.

Encouraging a sanitary environment, starts by making cleanup stations easy to access and use. Common areas to place a sanitary wipe station would be near elevators, cafeterias, bathrooms, shared kitchenettes, or at the entrance of the main office workspace. As long as the station is easy to access and locate, your employees are more likely to use them. For collaborative spaces, a simple reminder with a sign by the sanitary wipe station can help make workspaces and equipment clean for all employees. To make it safe for anyone to use, chose a brand like Simple Green, which is non-toxic and non-citrus so it does not hurt sensitive skin or noses.

  1. Create a schedule for regular cleaning of most-used equipment.

While you might have a cleaning staff that takes care wiping down counters, dusting, and taking out the trash, it could be helpful to build in a little clean up time with your IT staff on commonly shared technical equipment. For example, regular cleaning of headsets, mobile devices, and other technical gadgets you use will help to reduce germ contact. You might need special care or tools for your devices–like air compression cans for cleaning between keys on a keyboard–so it’s best to make sure someone with experience can take care of it.

  1. Replace older equipment with cleaner products.

Keeping older equipment around might be great for your bottom line but your tech devices can actually be trapping dirt, grime, and germs. For example, keyboards are one of the most hospitable places for germs to grow, due to the fact that the grooved surfaces are harder to clean. And in workplaces where computers and keyboards are shared, there’s greater potential for the keyboard to become a natural breeding ground for germs. Older keyboards also tend to trap dirt, food, and other types of filth. If you do have equipment such as old keyboards, it can be best to switch them out for newer models that are built to trap less dirt.

  1. Provide headphone covers for listening stations or shared headphones and headsets.

For offices that frequently use on-ear or over-ear headphones and headsets for their everyday operations, providing headphone covers can make listening equipment comfortable for all.  Headphone covers reduce the amount of sweat and grime that is left on the headphone earpads, which protects the overall health of the headphones and extend their life.

  1. Invest in disposable earbuds.

If you want to provide listening equipment but don’t necessarily have the budget to provide headphones to all employees, disposable earbuds are worth providing. Not only are they easy to give away and replace, but also they will keep people from exchanging earbuds and extra germs. For an office that has more informal workspaces than personal desks, providing disposable headphones makes it easier to have listening equipment on-hand.

By keeping your office clean, you will see a boost in productivity and overall employee health. To learn more about maintaining a great office, contact us. We can supply you with the best tools and methods for keeping your office clean.

Maintenance Tips: Caring For Your High End Headphones and Equipment

When it comes to your high-end headphones and electronic devices, proper care and maintenance can go a long way to preserving its quality and character. Here’s our ultimate guide to carrying for all types of equipment, simply and quickly for the best results.

High-End Headphones, Earbuds, and Speakers

Keeping headphones and earbuds clean are key to allowing comfortable use without the threat of spreading germs, especially when used in a classroom, learning lab, library, and hospital. Quality over-ear and on-ear headphones with leatherette pads–like the AVID Education Headphones–are easy to clean with a disinfectant spray or wipe. 

Earbuds should also be cleaned, especially when they are used frequently on a daily basis, and while working out. A toothbrush is a great tool for dislodging dirt in the earbud grill by brushing it gentry while the earbud grill is turned towards the ground. The dirt will fall out of the buds with this method, instead of getting pushed back into the earbud.

In addition, you should not forget your speakers: with fabric grills on computer speakers, you can simply use a lint roller, which will help reduce dust clogging the speaker and getting on the sensitive interior.

Jacks and Ports

Headphone jacks are commonly overlooked as a place to clean, but this port gets dirty quickly from constant insertion and extraction and corrodes over time when grime gets pushed against the connections. It is important to clean the headphone jack, because cleaning reduces premature wear on the jack and hearing clear, quality audio (if you start hearing scratchy noises, it could be from dust and grime stuck in the jack). However, the headphone jack is very easy to clean with an interdental brush, which fits perfectly in the jack without being too harsh.

Ports are also important to clean; because a dirty port can affect file transfers and damage plugged-in devices like USBs or HDMI cables. A small, soft paintbrush or the interdental brush can also be used to clean the ports without damaging the sensitive connection.

Device Screens

Cleaning device screens on your computer, laptop, phone, or tablet not only gives you clearer images, but also it prevents dust from settling down on the screen and damaging it with scratches. All you need is a microfiber cloth and a safe cleaning solution. Make sure the device is turned off first before you begin wiping the screen down. As always, do not spray directly on to the screen: instead, use a cleaning spray first on the microfiber cloth to get it slightly damp, then take the wipe and use it gently. To maintain a clean screen, simply use a dry microfiber cloth, or even a coffee filter. If you happen to be without a microfiber cloth, a simple paper coffee filter is gentle enough to not hurt the screen, but remove the dust with ease.

You will also want to replace the plastic screens on devices like your iPhone, iPad, or Android phone or tablet at least once a year, depending on the state of the plastic. These plastic covers can retain sticky gunk, or over time collect scratches or produce air bubbles as the plastic ages. Replacing them with a new plastic screen will create a better seal to completely protect the screen.

Keyboards and Cameras

The same materials you used for cleaning your ports and screens can be recycled for cleaning your keyboards and built-in cameras. A soft make-up brush is great on the sensitive small cameras on your phone, and a microfiber cloth is best to wipe down the entire keyboard. For the smaller spaces around the keys, you can brush dirt off first with a soft paintbrush, then take a q-tip dipped in a little rubbing alcohol to remove gunk around the keys.

Regular cleaning and maintenance is key to ensuring a long-lasting product, whether its your high-end earphones for gaming, or your work keyboard. For more tips on care and maintenance, contact us.

The Advantages of Headphone Covers

Protecting your tech assets is a must for any institution, especially a classroom, hospital, listening center, museum, and more. Keeping items like your headphones in good shape can help extend their life, and allows for more people to enjoy them without any downtime. That’s why we recommend headphone covers for institutions that provide headphones to large groups, or when their headphones receive a high traffic of users. Not only do they extend the life of the headphones, but they can also be a great way to reduce germs and bacteria from spreading through your devices. Here are the details that can make those headphone covers worth your purchase.

Covers are a protective feature, especially for high-use, high-end headphones.

Headphone covers can provide a bit of support when it comes to keeping headphones in pristine condition. Like the plastic screen that covers a smartphone screen; the headphone covers are a thin barrier that will keep pads from becoming scratched, protect from minimal moisture, and block dirt and grime.

Many high-end, over- or on-ear headphones are made with leatherette pads, which are very comfortable. However, these pads can be slowly worn down by day-to-day use, especially when there are multiple people using them throughout the day. The leatherette also can become sticky and slick with sweat after long-term use.

Headphone covers solve these issues by becoming a small barrier for the pads. With each person using their own disposable headphone covers, keeping them covered will remove and reduce sweat, and protect the leatherette earpads continuous rubbing from wear.

Covers are a great way keep headphones clean and sanitized for multiple users.

Because many headphones are shared among various people, it can be hard to keep track of when they were lasted cleaned. Headphone covers are a worry-free option that will keep them clean. In addition, headphone covers are vital to the hospital and healthcare industries, where sanitation is key to maintaining healthy patients. Paired with sanitizing wipes for regular cleaning, the headphones will not pose any risk of transferring germs or bacteria to other patients.

Many types of covers are hypoallergenic, making them safe for all.

Many protective earpad covers are made using 100% polyester fiber, which is hypoallergenic. This makes it a great option for large audiences and users, in which you will not have to worry about a user’s allergies.

They are a cheap investment that goes a long way.

Headphone covers are relatively cheap and disposable, making them a smart choice due to their effectiveness when compared to their cost per count. They also save time on maintenance and cleaning: simply throw them away and replace them, without needing to buy a cleaning solution or taking time to wipe them down. For busy institutions like libraries, simply having them out and available to users by your listening stations will encourage their use, and save your staff some time from cleaning equipment every day or every week.

Types of Headphone Covers

You can find headphone covers suitable for all types and sizes. Since many headphone covers have an elastic band, they can easily be stretched over various types, even if you have numerous models in your inventory. It’s just important to know the diameter of your headphones, whether they are on-ear or over-ear. And since most headphone covers are made with polyester, it’s hypoallergenic.

As headphones get traded from one listener to the next, the headphone covers can help minimize damage to the earpads, reduce overall wear, and remove any risk from internal damage by minimizing dust and dirt from entering the headphones. Overall, they make a great addition to a classroom, listening center, library, and hospital. To go over your headphone cover options, contact us.

How to Choose the Right Headphones for School Testing and Beyond

Schools are working to stay up-to-date on technology, both to prepare students for the real world and to meet state and federal education standards. For many curricula and assessments, one of the requirements is that every student have access to a computer – and each student needs school headphones.

Of course, headphones are an expense that school districts will have to grapple with and many are scrambling to find durable headphones that will protect children’s hearing. On a school or district level, budget and longevity decisions will have to be made. Will you need durable headphones that will last through testing and year-long use? Or will you need disposable headphones for testing only and with a smaller price tag? You can spend over fifty dollars a piece for a headphone with mic and lifetime cord. Or you can spend under a dollar a piece for a disposable headphone. Also, make sure to know whether your assessments will require headphones without a microphone or headsets with an integrated microphone.

With these variables in mind, here’s a brief guide to finding the best headphones for school testing.

Focus on Budget

If your school or district is motivated to reign in spending and probably won’t need a large number of headphones for future use but needs to provide headphones for testing, there are many disposable options available. Disposable headphone quality has come a long way in recent years. While you shouldn’t expect the high quality sound that comes from a high end headphone, the disposables are sure to get the job done. Some schools also prefer disposable headphones because there is no hygiene issue if the headphone will only be used by one student.

If budget (and short term use) is your top priority, look for disposable headphones. While we don’t generally recommend earbuds for student use, they can be a very economical solution for schools with tight budgets.

Look for Durability

School budgets aren’t getting any bigger, so it’s a challenge to find room for new equipment needs like headphones. That’s why you’ll want to make sure that, when you do make a large purchase, your headphones come with a manufacturer warranty and will last.

When looking for headphones for your school, make sure that the ones you purchase can stand up to the kind of wear and tear that young students are likely to subject them to. A thin band of plastic might not be enough to save them from even normal use and you’re likely better off paying a little extra up front in exchange for a longer life span. Other features to consider include ear pad stitching, thickness of the cord, steel shaft and flexibility.

If durability is your top priority, we suggest this headphone or this headset.

Comfort is Key

Learning and testing requires focus and concentration. And testing is stressful enough without students having to constantly fiddle with their headphones. If you can find a model that’s comfortable for the students, it will help them stay focused and at ease during classroom activities and testing – which will translate to higher achievement.

Over-the-ear models usually offer the most comfortable fit and are best at blocking out noise. They’re also easier to keep clean than earbuds, making them a great choice for most school districts. Also, keep in mind that the more comfortable the headphones fit, the less likely students will be to abuse them. This could significantly increase their life span. Other features to consider include ear pad padding, leather/leatherette ear pads, adjustable fit, and lightweight material.

If you seek the most comfortable headphones for your students, we like this headphone and this headset.

The Headphone Compromise

Could go either way?  Inexpensive headphones like this headphone with leatherette earpads, this classroom headset, or this headset are more durable than some of the super low cost options. These headphones may be a good middle ground in your headphone buying decision process.

Plan Ahead

Remember, starting back in 2016, students began needing headsets with microphones to record oral responses to test questions. Some headphones feature an inline mic and some have a boom mic. Additionally, some devices function with a single jack for input and output (like an iPad) and others require separate input and output accessories (like a PC). To avoid a re-order in a year or two, it’s best to anticipate the needs of your school and order accordingly. If you are at a growing school, make sure to account for the additional numbers of headsets you will need for future students.

Look Beyond Standardized Testing

While headphones may be a requirement for Common Core and other standardized tests, it’s also becoming increasingly common for all sorts of media to enter the classroom. If you have (or are considering purchasing) laptops, tablets, or other devices, you’ll want to have headphones that allow you to get the most out of your technology. Be sure that the device and protective case that you use is compatible with your headphones. If it’s a concern, you can find headphones and earbuds with a slim, straight plug. To modify your existing or ideal headphones, you can also use a slim, straight plug adapter. Learning tools with audio can be distracting to other students, so it’s best to keep the sound contained to the one student using the technology. In addition, you may want to provide noise-canceling headphones so that the listener isn’t distracted by outside noise. Some students require special accommodations, such as text-to-speech. Having headphones available for them is a must. You will also want to consider your students hygiene. If you choose a sturdy, long-term headphone, will you provide covers or cleaning stations and disinfecting wipes?  

Set Your Students Up for Success

It’s becoming increasingly clear that education must embrace technology. This includes having access to media and schools have to be equipped to handle these needs. Whether you’re trying to meet standardized test regulations or you’re bringing more technology into the classroom, you’ll need to have headphones at school.

If you’re ready to purchase a bulk order of headphones for your school district, contact us today. We’ll help you figure out which headphones best meet your needs and budget, so that your students stay ahead – without you falling behind financially.

Extend Headphone, Earbud Life With Disposable Covers

Headphones are an investment, no matter how small or how many. Whether it’s having a classroom equipped with earbuds for 30 students listening to important materials on a computer, or having a high-quality headphone set in a music studio, your headphones serve an important purpose. Therefore it is important to keep them in good shape for present and future listening hours. Using headphone covers not only extends the life of your headphones, but they can also keep your headphones clean for multiple users. Here’s a quick guide to headphone and earbud covers, and their benefits.

earpads50prFoam Earpads: For earbuds, extra foam earpads are great to have on-hand. Many earbuds come with their own set of foam earpads in order to make them feel more comfortable for the wearer. But foam earpads easily wear down from constant use, get dirty or grimy from substances like ear wax, and they easily fall off and get lost. Having replacement foam earpads not only keeps your earbuds sanitary, but they can ensure comfortable listening for all users. If you want to extend the life of your foam earpads, they are also very easy to clean and wash. Just put them in a bath of soapy hot water, then air dry. Though they are relatively inexpensive, this could be a great way for teachers to stretch their classroom budget, especially with younger kids who play with or remove the earpads frequently.

Earpad Covers (Over-the-Ear and On-Ear): Earpad covers are a great way to provide sterile headphones in settings that involve many users wearing the same headset. Hotels, airplanes, hospitals, libraries, schools, audio labs, and more can benefit from having sanitary, disposable earpad covers. Earpad covers will not only prevent the transmission of lice, bacteria, skin cells, and more from contaminating multiple people, but they also keep the headphones safe from dirt and contamination when left on high-traffic surfaces. Sanitary earphone covers are also hypoallergenic, which allows users with various allergies to use the community headphones without the worry of a reaction. Disposable headphone covers are easy to use, do not distort sound quality, and are very affordable. The Hamilton HygenX covers come in white, blue and black.

Replacement Ear Cushions: For over-the-ear headphone models like Hamilton’s HA5, HA7 and SC7V, having extra, replaceable ear cushions will also extend the life of your headphones. While ear cushions do have a long lifespan, constant use and exposure to sweat and temperature differences can cause the pleather or leather cushions to crack. Long periods of use, especially in a warm environment, can make these headphones susceptible to cracking. Damage can also be caused by improper storage of these headphones. For example, headphones that fall off surfaces or get dragged along carpets and rough floors can reduce the cushion’s quality. In addition, the cushion lining can lose its shape over time, making it uncomfortable to the wearer. To keep them in better shape, using earpad covers will reduce sweat on the headphones, while also providing a sterile environment for the wearer. But, if you do need to buy new cushions, using a leather protector will also help lengthen their lifespan, and proper care by wiping them down will also help.

Overall, buying disposable headphone covers is a great, long-term alternative to buying disposable headphone sets, and can improve the longevity of your headphones. Not only do they protect your audio equipment, but they also improve the listening experiences of your clients or audiences by taking away any worry about sanitary issues. Furthermore, keeping your headphones clean will give you a better return on your equipment. To learn more about headphone covers and cushions, contact us. We can help you find the options most pertinent for your headphone needs.