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Back-To-School Hacks

With school back in session, you may find yourself busier than ever. With parent-teacher meetings, lesson planning, & packed classrooms, you have your hands full. We’re here to help you with some great classroom hacks to keep yourself organized & your students focused this school year. If you’re looking for better filing & keeping track of supplies, we have you covered! We even have some games & ways to combat classroom noise.

Electronics Organizer

Most classrooms have lots of technologic aids these days. They have everything from iPads & smart boards to educational headphones for state testing. You want to take care of these pricier items to make them last. Encore Data Products has lots of great carts & bins for storage of your technology. Some of our bulk educational headphones even come with their own storage devices.


Dice Math

Rolling dice lets your students do math in a different way! It lets them feel like there is a game aspect of their lesson. Let students partner up & practice adding, multiplication or division. The same can be done with a deck of cards to make it a group project.

Dry Erase Storage

Every teacher can use more storage for supplies & other classroom activities. With these bins, you can change out the supplies, wipe the old description off, & write a new description. Great for teachers who go through supplies often & don’t have time to work a label maker.

Toothbrush Holders

These are the perfect size to store pens, pencils, markers, & anything your students may use to write. Label them to keep in drawers or bins for easy organization. No need to look through a bin of mixed up writing tools.

Paper Organization

This paper turn-in station will keep you & your students organized. Never lose an assignment again. We can’t promise your students won’t lose their homework though. You can also make this into a “turn in” station where your students can turn in assignments. With the easy labels on the front, your students will know this is the most important station in the classroom. From turning in assignments to getting extra paper, this will be a lifesaver.

Voice Level Chart

Want to let your students know they are being too loud? Want to let them know when they can talk amongst themselves? This voice chart will let them know where they should be. Just tap a light instead of clapping or counting to 10. Students will start to recognize when you walk over to the panel & learn what they should be doing during the day.

Absent Hanger

We all know students will be absent every now & then. Set up a station for your students to find their missing assignments so they can catch up. This colorful hanging paper holder is perfect to help your students take initiative. Labeled for each day of the week they can easily find what they missed. Update it every week.


Attn: School Districts!

Have an unusable $7,000 LED Interactive Board?

Bring it to life with BoardShare for only $349 and turn any surface into an intuitive personalized interactive whiteboard!

This is not an isolated case with school districts or businesses – we can ensure that teachers and students now have a usable cost effective interactive white board #IWB!

Volume pricing available:  Please call 866-926-1669 or email


How does it work?

BoardShare’s completely portable device turns any surface interactive

BoardShare is a completely portable and interactive technology tool that, when paired with your own laptop and projector*, allows users to create their own personalized interactive whiteboard. By inviting users to draw, annotate or even surf the Web, BoardShare can turn any space into a collaborative workstation.
*Laptop and projector NOT included.

BoardShare delivers portable smart board capabilities that enable interactivity and collaboration on any surface.

  • Transform any hard surface or LED/LCD TV into a virtual interactive whiteboard.
  • Create and toggle between hundreds of notes, documents, and presentations.
  • Use an array of tools including virtual pens, erasers, highlighters, and colors.
  • Move objects and/or re-size them rather than erasing and re-creating.
  • Save your work on your computer and digitally share it with others or work on it later.
  • Access files from your computer or the web and annotate directly on them.
  • Interact in real-time with remote teams using existing web conferencing tools.
  • Move from one location to another and create a virtual intelligent whiteboard almost anywhere!


  • Completely portable – not fixed to a classroom or conference room wall; moves from room to room.
  • Small in size – fits easily into your pocket, purse, or briefcase.
  • Works on any flat writing surface: drywall, whiteboard, Flat screen TV.
  • Easy Setup – ready to use in less than a minute.
  • Access to hundreds of software-based virtual whiteboards.
  • User-friendly technology.
  • Innovative pen with a pop-up menu button for ease of access to frequently used whiteboard functions.
  • Access computer files or Internet content and annotate on them.
  • No external power – camera powered by USB.
  • Versatile – designed for any classroom, office or training environment.
  • Works seamlessly with education, corporate, and training software.

This complete BoardShare package includes the BoardShare camera, pen stylus, batteries (for pen), USB cord, and the BoardShare software.  All software updates are FREE and there are NO licensing fees.

Optional Extras
BoardShare Wand BC8020:  The wand is an optional stylus that works similarly to the pen as it communicates with the camera through IR technology. The wand extends for a longer reach and can be used with soft or rough surfaces as well.
BoardShare Mount BC8030:  The ceiling mount is an optional piece of hardware that makes BoardShare a permanent fixture. The ceiling mount is fixed to the ceiling and the camera is placed securely in the ceiling mount sleeve. The ceiling mount comes with a 30ft USB cable.

Q. Do I need a Projector?
A. Yes, if you plan to use BoardShare on a wall, marker board, or other surface you will need a projector. If you plan to use a TV as your display then a projector is not needed. Simply attach an HDMI cable from your laptop to the TV.

Q. Can I use my Finger to interact with BoardShare?
A. No, your finger will not work with Boardshare. Because BoardShare has the flexibility to turn any surface interactive we have created a pen stylus for your use.

Q. Can I use 3rd party software in conjunction with BoardShare? (i.e. Smart Notebook, Promethean Lessons, Mimio connect, etc.)
A. Yes, BoardShare does not block any 3rd party software or apps. If it is on your computer or you can access it, it will work with the Boardshare software.

Q. Can I use my IPad/Tablet with BoardShare?
A. Because the BoardShare software is a download onto your computer you cannot use the device directly with the IPad/Tablet. BoardShare can be used with your IPad or tablet that has Mira Cast capabilities, or through any 3rd party Mira Cast apps.

Q. Is BoardShare Compatible with both Windows and Mac?
A. Yes! BoardShare is compatible with both Windows and Mac Operating systems.

System Requirements
Windows:  Windows 7 and higher
At least 2 GB RAM

MAC:  OS X 10.8 and higher
At least 2 GB RAM



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Best Of: Technology Carts for Education

When it comes to school technology storage, many educators look for flexible and mobile furniture with ample storage. Here’s our guide to some of the best carts for education, based on your needs.

For Multimedia Entertainment and Storage: The Hamilton Buhl SWB-80 Cart

The Hamilton Buhl SWB-80 is a stylish, all-in-one entertainment center and organizing cart that is perfect for classrooms and technology centers that rely on large-screen presentations or multimedia for their audiences. The cart is built to hold a large LCD TV flat-screen of up to 80 inches with a tilt of plus or minus 15 degrees for comfortable viewing, while using a universal twin mounting design for easy mounting, security, and stability. With protective cart handles and screen protector, swivel casters with locks, and durable steel construction, the cart is built for ease of mobility and strength. The cart also comes with a long power cord with a 4-outlet power strip, surge protector, and cord winder to allow for ease and organization of all plugged-in devices on the cart.

The bottom of the cart features one shelf for holding various devices or DVDs, in addition to a two-door cabinet for additional storage. The cabinet doors also lock, making it a secure cart to keep other electronic devices or sensitive materials save. Overall, this cart is a perfect solution for classrooms, libraries, multimedia labs, and more that utilize a large screen.

For Charging Diverse Models of Tablets and Chromebooks: The Buhl LTAB-30 Cart and the PowerStacker Tower

The Buhl LTAB-30 Cart can hold and charge 30 tablets, and compatible with iPads, Chromebooks, Samsung Galaxy Tabs, Blackberry Playbook, and more. The cart has many security features that protect devices from getting stolen, and comes with 4 spare keys for the locking doors to the cart’s cabinet. In addition, cables and cords within the cart are easy to organize, and the cart comes with two, 15-outlet switched power strips that are breaker protected, complete with a 20 CFM cooling fan to keep all plugged in devices cool while charging. This is the type of cart to use if you have multiple device models that need to charge together.

In contrast, the PowerStacker Tower has modular components that allow you to configure or mix-and-match at your will 10 to 40 devices. The sequential charging ability also makes charging various devices easier without exceeding 15 amps. With the snap in dividers, your devices will also stay safe from damage while in transit from place to place.

For Small Volume Charging of Small Devices: Hamilton 10 Port USB Charging Station
For when you need to charge smaller devices like cell phones, digital cameras, and a few tablets, the Hamilton 10 Port USB Charging Station is the perfect solution. It will sit comfortably on a desk or table top, and is easy to carry around where ever you need it. It supports all popular cell phone models, from Apple to HTC, Samsung to Blackberry, or Nexus and Nokia, and can charge them all together. It’s perfect for teacher lounges, or in small-size classrooms that want a smaller charging station for tablets or small devices.

For Book Mobility and Storage: Hamilton Buhl BTDS-6 Book Truck

The durable Hamilton Buhl Book Truck is a must-have for educational settings that need quick mobility and storage for books. With deep slated shelves to ensure secure ease of moving books around, and double sides shelves, you can store even the heaviest, thickest textbooks and move them around without breaking a sweat. With non-marring casters with two locks, this cart glides easily on various surfaces without making a noise or a mark.  It’s a great option for carting books around to different classrooms, in libraries, archives, and more.

No matter what you need, we have a cart that’s perfect for your school. To learn more about carts and their advantages or specs, contact us.

Now Available: Luxor Furniture CLCD Crank Adjustable Flat Panel TV Cart

The Luxor Furniture CLCD Crank Adjustable Flat Panel TV Cart is an elegant solution for your office or classroom presentation needs.

Who is the Luxor Furniture CLCD Crank Adjustable Flat Panel TV Cart Designed For?

The Luxor Furniture CLCD Crank Adjustable Flat Panel TV Cart is designed to allow presenters to turn any space into a presentation area. The cart securely holds a range of LCD TVs and provides two lower shelves that can support additional audio/visual needs (such as additional speakers, a DVD player, or literature that the presenter wishes to distribute). The TV cart allows presenters to move all of their equipment efficiently and easily from room to room for maximum flexibility when presenting. This mobility also allows presenters to adjust height or angle of the attached TV to provide a perfect viewing angle free of glare.

What Type of Construction and Measurements Does the Luxor TV Cart Offer?

The Luxor CLCD Crank Adjustable Flat Panel TV Cart is made from steel to provide strength and durability to the overall design. Shelves are made from cost-effective MDF covered with a melamine top (a laminated plastic coating also used in dinnerware). Melamine provides a hard and sturdy coating for the shelves which is also heat and fire resistant, perfect for electronics that can heat up during use.

When first assembled, the TV cart measures 30″W x 28.5″D and for convenience offers an adjustable height of 50.5″- 66.25″H which can be easily customized using the provided crank handle. To provide easy access to materials placed on the two additional shelves, the TV cart offers 19.5″ of clearance between each. The stand holds a 32″-80″ LCD TV with a flat panel and comes included with mounting hardware.

What Special Hardware and Features Does the Luxor TV Cart Offer?

To easily accommodate a wide range of TVs, the Luxor CLCD Crank Adjustable Flat Panel TV Cart has a VESA Range from 200 x 200 – 600 x 400 tall. Almost all major TV and computer monitor manufacturers follow VESA standards to ensure their hardware is compatible with mounting devices. This means that you can rest easy knowing that your TV or monitor can be installed on your new cart.

To best engage with your audience and a changing presentation space, the TV cart offers a 15 degree tilt of adjustment and comes with a lock to deter theft. The cart ensures maximum mobility by using four 3″ industrial casters, two of which are also provided with locks to ensure the safety of your cart and attached equipment.

The Luxor CLCD Crank Adjustable Flat Panel TV Cart is engineered to handle all of your audio/visual needs and therefore is designed with a maximum total cart weight capacity of 209 lbs. Each shelf is capable of holding up to 33 lbs and the cart is able to hold a TV which weights a maximum of 110lbs. The cart evenly distributes weight to assist with balance and stability during transport.

What Additional Information Do I Need to Know Before Purchasing a Luxor TV Cart?

You will need to assemble your Luxor CLCD Crank Adjustable Flat Panel TV Cart when it arrives so plan accordingly. The cart is shipped by ground in two cartons. This cart is specifically designed for modern flat panel TVs and will not accommodate traditional, bulkier CRT TVs. Please note that the price includes only the cart and listed hardware; the cart does not come with a flat panel TV.

To purchase a Luxor CLCD Crank Adjustable Flat Panel TV Cart or to discuss any other data products your need for your business or school, contact Encore Data Products today.