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Adjustable table that is a sit & stand desk

The Luxor STAND-NESTC-72 flip top table solves your space problem.  These versatile tables are popular for conference rooms and libraries where furniture might need to be moved after use.  The crank handle lets you raise and lower the desk top for desired use and the flip top allows you to store the unit against a wall when not in use.

Easy to roll, easy to adjust.  No power needed.  For more information please visit

3 Steps to a Better University Library

Although students these days often have digital resources at their fingertips thanks to personal computers and a WiFi connection, university libraries will always be important institutions that support faculty, staff, and students year-round. For one, university libraries serve multiple purposes and have transformed into more than just a book repository. Many libraries include computer stations, tech help centers, learning labs, classrooms, archives, and even cafes. Overall, they are not just academic centers, but also social meeting points for the university population.

Given a library’s activities, it’s important to make sure that it can serve all its patrons. Here are 3 ways to improve your library’s performance and turn it into a comfortable learning and teaching environment.

  1. Anticipate student tech needs. 

A library usually serves as a key place where students feel like they can get work done efficiently. To be immediately effective, libraries should provide not just resources but tech tools that can help every student achieve their goals. And because students can forget items after traveling a long way to get to the campus library, it’s helpful for the institution to keep key tools and devices available for checking out.

Besides having dedicated in-house devices, libraries can provide charging cables for Macbooks, wholesale headphones for personal or library computer use, and even projectors, DVD players, and other devices for special projects. Extension cords or power strips can also be helpful, especially if various some rooms in your facility have few outlets or if students congregate to work in certain high-traffic areas.

Dedicated charging stations can also be a great tool for students who need to charge their own mobile devices. The Hamilton 10 Port USB charging station makes a great addition to a library floor where students can charge various types of devices in a safe way.

  1. Provide sensory control over spaces.

Though libraries are filled with all types of exciting technology and workspaces, libraries are still places for focused study and quiet research. With all these added applications, it can be hard to make sure the sound levels are controlled at every given moment. To create a balance between noisy and quiet areas, many libraries have structured collaborative areas for students to work in, such as soundproof study and collaborative rooms or designated floors for quiet areas.

Allowing for a mix of the two can serve the needs of every student, professor, or staff member that needs or provides help. Many students benefit from working near others and receiving support from both busier and quieter environments, so it is important for libraries to provide these noise-controlled areas.

  1. Work in a mix of adjustable and flexible furniture.

A library is essentially an office workplace, and to give people the motivation and comfort to work efficiently is an important element to creating a comfortable environment. Fitting your university with dual-purpose furniture, storage, and adjustable seating can help all students and faculty work productively.

Key pieces to include are adjustable sitting and standing desks that will allow students to move into a more comfortable posture after sitting or standing for too long. In addition, providing a range of seating arrangements–such as couches, tables and chairs, cushioned seats with built-in desks, and bean bags–can help provide a flexibility that is conducive to collaborative work and a more relaxed environment. Even mobile blackboards can be a great tool for library spaces because it gives students and teachers an ability to demonstrate, share, or practice various tasks and lessons.

Overall, a university library should not be overlooked when it comes to maintaining a productive and social campus environment. To learn more about how we can help you improve your library’s offerings, contact us.

Creating the Perfect Home Business Office

Whether you run your own business from your home, or work remotely part or full-time, you want to treat your workspace like a real office. Having a well-organized, well-equipped, and functional space in your home business can help you maintain a division between work and home, and make sure you stay on top of your tasks. To create the best home office that will help you work, here are a few pieces of equipment that will retrofit your office into a well-oiled machine.

High-end headphones: Depending on your work and environment, you will want a pair of high-end headphones that suit your needs. For example, maybe your house is a busy area, with the kids playing in the background while you focus on your work. This might call for noise-canceling headphones that allow you to listen to important audio files, music, or online calls, without having to push the volume at a high level to block outside noise. Or, you might need home theater or gaming quality headphones, especially if you are a game developer conducting research or testing games, or if you’re a sound engineer testing the audio during production. Even more, you might want something like the Hamilton Buhl Trios, which allows you to plug in your headphones into various devices. Having the right pair will help you maintain an efficient workspace.

Adjustable Sitting or Standing Desk: Working all day in an office usually translates to a lot of sitting. That sitting can be costly to your health, and can also lead you to greater distraction during the day. A slim looking electric desk like the Conset 501-27 allows you adjust the height along 21-47 inches, giving you the perfect sitting or standing height as you work. In addition, you’ll get the space needed to hold a computer, books, files, and more.

Wall-mounted glass board: To keep track of your daily to-dos, or create sub-tasks for large projects, having a large erasable board can be a great tool. Unlike whiteboards or chalkboards, a glass board looks clean and refined and lasts longer without any permanent streak marks or scratching.

File cabinets: As any business or home office worker knows, collecting and organizing files is one of the most important features of the office. A home business needs to keep accurate files for tax purposes and needs to be able to refer to files for inventory, sales, and distribution purposes. Documentation can be the backbone of a business, so keeping files organized and safe in a quality file cabinet is important.

Extra hard drive: Keeping your files on all your devices backed up and safe is also important for any home office. The EMTEC Wi-Fi USB portable HDD is a great drive for backing up files or storing a large amount because it can sync with multiple devices simultaneously and allows for multi-user streaming. For someone who is running a home business, you need to be able to securely back up and share files from your laptop to your mobile phone, or even your wi-fi enabled camera. Having the ability to share and store to a portable drive can help you bring your business on the go, and ensure safe storage of all your business-related data.

This is just a small list of items you should consider adding to your home office or business. By developing a great office space, you’ll feel more inspired to work productively in your office, improve your office’s organization and efficiency, no matter what state of the rest of your house may be in. To help build your perfect home office, contact us: we can provide you with all the tools listed above and more.

The ConSet Mobile Electric Sit & Stand Desk

As workplaces become more flexible and dynamic, the old office desk is becoming less desirable. Since office consoles and cubicles are less mobile and too bulky for workspaces and classrooms in constant flux, having a simple desk that can be transformed for different tasks, or brought into different rooms, is important for many environments that demand multi-purpose furniture.

In addition, more and more research is showing that sitting can be detrimental to our health: too much sitting has been linked to health problems like heart disease and type 2 diabetes. The need for mobile desks that can reduce sitting time has become an important component to work place furniture. Thankfully, the ConSet Mobile Electric Sit and Stand Desk is a great answer to these challenges. By addressing mobility and multipurpose challenges while remaining ergonomic for all heights and sizes, the desk makes for a great addition to any classroom or office. With the wide table top, sturdy base and triple column system, you can place a generous workload on top, without worrying about the desk collapsing under the weight. The desk has a weight capacity of 220 pounds. The strong, light frame makes it lightweight enough for ease in mobility. The desk comes in three different sizes, ensuring you will find one to perfectly fit your space. It can easily be combined at level with other desks as well, making it perfect for mobile, collaborative workspaces or impromptu meetings in the office. With its “A” grade beech veneer table top 0.88 inches thick, and 3-layered coating of UV hardened lacquer, this desk is made for durability and strength. The extra coating protects it from water stains, scratches, and nicks, making it remain smooth and pretty even in some of the most mobile workplaces. For classrooms, this makes clean up easy and worry-free, especially with arts and crafts activities.

The turnable casters each have a 75 mm diameter, which give it the ability glide over bumps and door frames without much effort. Each wheel also locks, giving the desk greater stability when in-use.

The adjustable height between 22 to 48 inches makes this desk suitable for people of all heights. The flexibility and ease of moving the desk at different heights also improves stance and posture, while increasing workplace productivity. Users will feel better about working at their desk when given the ability to sit or stand with ease and comfort.

The added battery-powered machinery to raise, lower, and tilt the desk also makes it easier to maneuver around a room, without having to plug and unplug a charging cable.  It also makes the desk more suitable in busy environments, where students or administrators can trip over charging cords. The environmentally-friendly battery itself is rechargeable, and is efficient enough to only need charging for 2 hours every 2 to 4 weeks with regular, normal use. In addition, you also have the option to plug it in continuously, when the desk is placed in a more permanent position or location.

Overall, the Conset Mobile Sit and Stand Electric desk is a great addition to offices, hospitals, and classrooms that need mobile, flexible furniture to suit changing environments. It’s great for individuals as well as groups and gives users control over how their workplace can be designed for improved health, productivity, and function. In an evolving workspace that values collaboration, flexibility, and simplicity, this desk gives elegance and promote ease and efficiency to meet demanding spaces.

To learn more about standing/sitting desks, and other mobile furniture for your office, contact us. We can find the right pieces that will work for your office or classroom design, at a competitive price.