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How to choose the correct headphone plug for your device!

How do I know the correct headphone to use?

Check out our guide to headphone plug types.

Headphones in the classroom connect to computers, PC’s, tablets ,smartphones and other audio devices.

Its critical to use the correct headphone for the job!

Curriculum directors will confirm whether a microphone is also required for language learning or testing applications.

This will affect the plug type on your headphones – so you can determine the correct headphone or headset to use on your particular device.

The most common plug types are summarized here.

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Extremely popular.

The majority of tablets and many computers have this single 3.5mm headphone jack that allows you to simply plug-in and use.  A solution for listening and talking-for example- online assessment testing.

TRRS means : Tip Ring Ring Sleeve – 4 conductors allowing stereo audio plus a mono microphone input.

DUAL 3.5mm

Typically found on desktop computers and plugs directly into the sound card.

Ensure the mic and stereo left and right cables are correctly connected!




Connected directly to your computer USB port.

Microphone capable as well as stereo audio for listening.

Once plugged in- your computer will recognize your USB headset as the listening device and keep drivers automatically updated.

A popular education choice for language learning and State testing assessments – eg.TELPAS , WIDA , PARCC

Single 3.5mm (TRS) Stereo

For listening only and same as TRRS without microphone capability.

Extremely popular!

Quarter inch Jack

A precursor to the 3.5mm TRS connector.

For listening in mainly mono applications now, for example : (English Language Learning / ELD, language labs, speech pathology.)


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We accept purchase orders from government agencies, universities, school districts, libraries and some medical organizations. We require a faxed or emailed copy of the official PO prior to shipment.

All purchase orders must include the following information:
– Company/organization name
– Purchase order reference number
– Contact name
– Contact phone number
– Contact email address
– Billing address
– Shipping to address & hours of operation
– Part number/name, unit price, quantity and total price

***We will be happy to provide you with a formal quote.

Encore Data Products  reserves the right to require other methods of payment, at its sole discretion, for any reason.

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Wholesale Earbuds Bought in Bulk Provide Profitable Opportunities for Businesses

Buying quality products at wholesale prices in bulk has always been a good way to turn a profit for small and large businesses alike. Many businesses in differing scenarios could benefit from this method of making a profit. In order to provide insight into how wholesale earbuds bought in bulk provide profitable opportunities for businesses, let’s look at these two examples.

Example One: Small tourist shop at train station.

A small business shop, located inside the Amtrak train station in a metropolitan city, needs earbuds to satisfy the demands of passengers taking the train. This small locally owned shop has many different items related to media such as: magazines, newspapers, CD players, MP3 players, and other tourist-type items related to the city.

This type of business also sells earbuds regularly. Passengers many times may have forgotten, lost, or want to get a new pair of earbuds: to use with the listening devices they buy or have already. Also, the included earphones in what they bought (or have already) sometimes aren’t the type they want or need.

So, earbuds are an item this shop sells at an average of 10 a day. Most of these sales are people who want a lower cost earbud around $10, so how does this shop make a profit?

This is where Encore Data Products becomes the best friend of this shop owner. At Encore Data Products’ website, the shop owner finds wholesale prices and great selection for bulk headphones and earbuds. When bought in bulk, the prices become even lower and the free shipping gives an even greater discount.

The shop owner wants to carry a couple different types of earbuds to sale in his shop. One type is the Encore Data Products Stereo Earbuds in a Storage Case, which he buys 500 at a time in bulk for $2.25/ea. These are great sellers at his shop, because they come in a nice looking and easy to carry storage case for the travelers. Also, he’s able to easily sell these for $10/ea. So, let’s do the math on the profit he makes:

$2.25 x 500 earbuds = $1,125 (free shipping)
$10.00 x 500 sold = $5,000
Profit = $3,875
Days takes to turn profit (10 sold per day) = 50 days

His shop also carries a less expensive earbud choice, which accounts for some of the average 10 sold per day, but the example above is a good glimpse of the opportunity available when buying wholesale earbuds in bulk from Encore Data Products.

Example Two: Large Fitness Gym

In this example, there’s a large fitness gym with hundreds of members coming in and out everyday. They’re open 24/7 and have a small shop where food, drinks, and miscellaneous items are sold, including the all-important earbuds. The modern work out machines they carry have a plug-in for headsets, so the members can watch the large TVs on the walls or listen to the radio.

Most of the members bring their own earbuds, but many times they forget them or have a need for some on the spot. So, the small shop at the fitness center carries earbuds for their members for a low-cost. The gym is a business though, so this presents a good opportunity to make a profit. On average, they sell about 5 pairs a day randomly to members.

The shop manager researched online for wholesale earbuds to buy in bulk, and came across Encore Data Products. This was exactly the place she was looking for to get the earbuds needed.

She chose the: Gym Disposable Stereo Noise-Canceling Earbuds, because these are designed just for the needs of her members. She wanted to get a year supply, so bought 1,800 for $1.29 each with free shipping. The breakdown of the cost and profit for the year went like this:

Cost: $1.29/ea x 1,800 = $2,322
Sold: $5.00/ea x 1,800 = $9,000
Profit: $6,678
Turned profit in one year


Both the Amtrak shop owner and the gym owner are making a good profit from buying their earbuds wholesale in bulk from Encore Data Products. These two examples show the type of opportunity businesses have when partnering with Encore Data Products for their earbud needs.

Encore Data Products has many other high quality audio visual equipment and technology accessories to choose from. Yet, these examples are sufficient in giving insight into how any of our products can provide similar opportunities for businesses of all sorts.

Buying earbuds in bulk at wholesale prices gives businesses the ability to make a profit. And considering the quality of our products and the excellent service we give, businesses can’t go wrong partnering with us. If you have any questions, please contact us today.

4 Relaxing Daycation Activities to Enjoy With Disposable Headphones

The next time you’ve got some time off and no concrete plans to travel or engage in specific activities, it may be tempting to spend all of your time working in the garden, shopping, doing long workouts, or trying new restaurants. Taking the day off presents the perfect opportunity to try some of these daycation activities. You can enjoy them alone or with people you know. It’s time to explore your community or somewhere nearby and have some adventures. You don’t have to spend an arm and a leg, but you must remember your disposable earbuds or headphones.

#1. The bus ride to downtown: If your community has a trolley or a city bus, it is fun to park, pop your disposable headphones on, and hop aboard. trolley-bus-1043230_1280Explore the downtown area from a low-cost seat on the bus. Pick a random bus stop and get off. Try a new restaurant, browse in an antique store, catch a matinee movie, or get a tattoo. This is your chance to discover downtown’s locally owned businesses and best-kept secrets from the perspective of a newcomer. You’ll be surprised what you discover in your own backyard. There are even more discoveries awaiting in a nearby city’s downtown that you don’t know as well.

#2. A day at the park: It’s fun to pack a picnic lunch, two bottles of water, a good book, an iPod or a Smartphone, and disposable headphones into a backpack and escape into the outdoors.picnic-888398_1280 Most communities have a natural preserve or an ecological park where you can park for free or for a small fee. Check the weather in advance and arrive at your favorite time of day. Walk on the nature paths, read the signs about the local protected species of flora and fauna, and try some fishing, canoeing, rock climbing, or swimming. Take your picnic to a quiet spot, eat, and relax. Let all of the worries of your job or family go as you listen to your favorite music on your mobile device.

#3. A bicycle adventure: freiburg-76217_1280Some areas of your community are best discovered on foot, and some areas make great scenic drives. Either kind of area is ideal for a day bike excursion. Line your pocket with a bit of cash and stow a bottled drink on your bike frame. Put on some comfortable active wear and your disposable headphones and hop on your bike. Follow a random route or a predetermined path to your destination. It’s fun to stop for a quick meal somewhere along the way and later return by a different route to your point of origin.

#4: A relaxing arts and craft day: At times, you are not feeling the urge to take a grand adventure or even exercise. crafting-1081222_1280Your spirit craves one spot where you can sit and focus on a single creative activity. If your community has a do-it-yourself pottery shop or a favorite spot to set up an easel or a sketchbook, find it. Wear your headphones and create arts or crafts to your heart’s content. Sketching is a great way to sharpen your left brain. It could help you identify a solution to a work problem or brainstorm a new business idea.

Sometimes, we all need down time. It’s good to forget about medical appointments and catching up on housework for a day. These obligations are always waiting in the wings to eat up our free time, but they don’t help us relax or release stress. What we love about all of these ideas is how easy they are to implement, either for free or for a minimal cost. They are all more gratifying because they encourage us to steer clear of normal routines. If you seek other ways that our customers benefit from purchasing disposable headphones in small quantities or bulk quantities, please contact us today.