Disposable Earbuds: The Cost Effective Solution

Integrating simple technological tools like earbuds into a presentation or meetings could enhance communications and ultimately help business gain the responsiveness of those who might be otherwise distracted. The simplicity of gaining the users attention through adequate volume control devices, will cancel out all outside distractions, allowing participants to focus on the central speaker. Various applications can be enhanced with the use of disposable earbuds, and Encore Data Products has the best quality, price, and service in the market. Let’s explore three instances when the solution was disposable earbuds.

# 1: The Annual Meeting Held Outside

In a park community center lawn, a non-profit charitable organization wants to present a yearlong progress report to donors and supporters. The park is close to the city-center of a mid-sized city in America, with distant traffic, sporadic talking and human noises, sounds of the river and trees with wind, and other distractions. Yet, outside was so beautiful in July, so the director of the meeting needed a solution to bring adequate sound to participants.

The director considers having participants dial a number on their smart phones while in the audience, then use earbuds to listen to the speakers and presentation going on in front of them anywhere from 10 to 40 ft away. The speaker would only need to speak into a small microphone attached to their collar, and could be heard from the estimated 200 people there. A small speaker system could be set up for additional clarity and for those close enough not to need the earbuds.

The director likes this innovative idea, and also how cost-effective and hassle free it would be. Also, it would allow the type of involvement he wanted the participants to have with the sunny beautiful environment desired and still be connected with what he was explaining. Problem solved once he called Encore Data Products and was able to easily order (with free shipping) 300 disposable earbuds for as little as people pay for a microphone many times. He even had 100 extra, just in case, or for another time. Participants would be given the earbuds with a business card stating the dial-up number to call, which was great business promotion to audience members who thought the item was useful and wanted to keep in touch with the director about his charity.

# 2: Promotional Benefit for Membership at a Gym

Many members of this gym use the treadmills, stair-steppers, and other exercise equipment while listening to the inboard radio/video they plug into with their earbuds. So, the marketing assistant comes up with the simple idea of always giving away earbuds to members. The marketing manager liked the idea, but the cost involved needs to be clarified to assure the approval. The assistant went to work looking for cheap bulk earbuds that were quality.

After typing a few keyword searches, she came across Encore Data Products. Immediately she’s impressed with their comprehensive solutions for listening, learning, testing, and training. The most important for her situation was their wide-selection of quality disposable earbuds. After seeing the great prices, she knew this was the solution for cost-effectiveness. Now she could present Encore Data Products’ prices into the cost clarification report she was preparing for the marketing manager. Her argument had teeth now, when comparing the benefits of customer retention and satisfaction to cost effectiveness.

# 3: Manager at Lumber Yard Needs Training Earbuds

The training manager at a large lumberyard needs disposable ear buds for training new employees through video and walk-through presentations. The loudness of the yard makes earbuds essential for clarity of understanding, as the training room wasn’t immune to the larger noises made in the yard.

While speaking to his wife about the matter, she suggests a company she knew about from her work in the education sector. The name of the company is Encore Data Products, which she knows as the best place to go for what her husband needed in disposable earbuds for training. He did a search and found the website, it was easy to navigate and use and the prices and selection were great. Before he knew it, there were enough disposable earbuds coming to his work to last five years. Considering he trained about 15 people a month, this was a decent sized order. Now the lumberyard has quality earbuds they can simply give to each trainee at the beginning of their training, and accomplish clarity in communications for better understanding of important job duties.


The list could go on and on, but these three instances suffice nicely to show the various applications disposable earbuds could be used for. The common story line is: they found a cost-effective quality solution with Encore Data Products for all their disposable earbuds needs. The proven track record of our superior products, service, and affordability shows many satisfied customers, and we’re committed to continuing this trend. Please contact us to learn more or get help today.