Enhance your Tablet: Accessories you Need to Get the Most Out Of Your Device

Zagg book rugged
For iPad Air owners who are among you, the Rugged Book is the “most powerful and versatile wireless Bluetooth tablet keyboard” on the market. Are you ready to be the Bear Grylls of the tablet world? Is it a thing? Do not despair if you have another type of iPad: Zagg sells hard shell cases for the most part.
The fantastic magnetic hinge makes this tablet accessory able to act as a box, a keyboard, a movie theater and a book. It can be chargeable for up to two years (assuming one hour per day). With a backlit keyboard function, you probably will not need another case while your tablet is still active. Given the battery life of the Rugged Book, I was able to survive it well.

Tablet support
If you need to hold your tablet anywhere, it can be tedious for your weak little arms and lean against various household items as you try to stuff yourself – it’s impractical to see House of Cards. The Plinth Tablet Stand solves these annoying problems and also fits in your back pocket, so your tablet stays mobile. Designed and made in the UK, it’s done at the touch of a button and even appeared (pretty impressive) in Dragon’s Den last year.
It is versatile, adjustable and serves as a support for iPhone 7 Samsung S8, tablet (has an iPhone and iPad Pro 6+ above) or even your Nintendo switch, cell phone or tablet (with or without case). Did we mention that this is also a lifetime warranty?

Riva S
The Riva S is a high-quality Bluetooth speaker designed for music, movies, and large volumes of Netflix (now that Go Binge lets you see what you want) through your tablet.
With 13 hours of battery life, it’s perfect and a multi-party mode, the days with a small, small speaker, while you and a group of friends hear the terrible sound (which makes it shocking) have already left behind.
With water-resistance and the ability to sync two left and right channel speakers, you’ll enjoy it. You can even begin to believe that you are strange in all things.

Zendure A5 portable charger
The exhaustion of the battery is the bane of our lives. And one of the top five stress factors facing Millennials in 2017 (it’s a joke). Whether you are away from home and just need to make a call to go home, or if you are an expert in preparation, you want your tablet to work with enough energy.

The Zendure A5 will charge your device four or five times before it runs out of energy (we discovered that fact even more) and it works with a variety of USB devices. Unlike most portable chargers, they can charge you one of the most useful features we’ve seen so far. So you can charge your phone and the A5 at the same time. This smart charger can even go to sleep when not in use. It’s small, durable and we would not go anywhere without one.


Jive Soundproof Helmets
A beautiful pair of headphones that isolate the sound and do not break the shore, for all the time you want to watch programs and listen to tunes without being disturbed or disturbed by the outside world. It’s mostly loud in high fidelity voices and comes with all the sounds you expect from a brand like Brainwavz.
Stylish, with foam tips, they are probably the most comfortable headphones we’ve ever tried. The three-button remote control is as easy to use as the others, and the microphone means you’ll never have to remove it again.

BioliteCampstove 2
For eco-conscious campers and the greediest among you, this is one of the most innovative tablet accessories (seriously, who invented this, is that great?!) that we’ve seen so far.
Not only does this campfire burn a non-smoking conventional biofuel fires (sticks, wood, embarrassing pictures, cards/gifts from your ex) to boil water, it will also use this excess energy to generate electricity and charge your tablet
BioliteCampstove 2 is one of those futuristic accessories that can revolutionize the most traditional activities: camping outdoors. Who has the marshmallows now?

Brush and brush Sensu
We have to confess. Most of us have big fingers. Like great sausages for everyday tasks, such as the cleaning of tears and the use of our hands as utensils for eating, but for the most complex things, it is the use of tablets, we prefer the brush and brush Sensu.
Your tablet is more than just a big phone or a small laptop: it’s the screen you’ve always dreamed of. But what is a painting without a brush? (Note: it is a blank canvas). The Sensu can be a useful tool for writing and drawing, or it can be used as a universal pen. It does not hurt that it’s so lovely to see a calligraphic brush.