Extend Headphone, Earbud Life With Disposable Covers

Headphones are an investment, no matter how small or how many. Whether it’s having a classroom equipped with earbuds for 30 students listening to important materials on a computer, or having a high-quality headphone set in a music studio, your headphones serve an important purpose. Therefore it is important to keep them in good shape for present and future listening hours. Using headphone covers not only extends the life of your headphones, but they can also keep your headphones clean for multiple users. Here’s a quick guide to headphone and earbud covers, and their benefits.

earpads50prFoam Earpads: For earbuds, extra foam earpads are great to have on-hand. Many earbuds come with their own set of foam earpads in order to make them feel more comfortable for the wearer. But foam earpads easily wear down from constant use, get dirty or grimy from substances like ear wax, and they easily fall off and get lost. Having replacement foam earpads not only keeps your earbuds sanitary, but they can ensure comfortable listening for all users. If you want to extend the life of your foam earpads, they are also very easy to clean and wash. Just put them in a bath of soapy hot water, then air dry. Though they are relatively inexpensive, this could be a great way for teachers to stretch their classroom budget, especially with younger kids who play with or remove the earpads frequently.

Earpad Covers (Over-the-Ear and On-Ear): Earpad covers are a great way to provide sterile headphones in settings that involve many users wearing the same headset. Hotels, airplanes, hospitals, libraries, schools, audio labs, and more can benefit from having sanitary, disposable earpad covers. Earpad covers will not only prevent the transmission of lice, bacteria, skin cells, and more from contaminating multiple people, but they also keep the headphones safe from dirt and contamination when left on high-traffic surfaces. Sanitary earphone covers are also hypoallergenic, which allows users with various allergies to use the community headphones without the worry of a reaction. Disposable headphone covers are easy to use, do not distort sound quality, and are very affordable. The Hamilton HygenX covers come in white, blue and black.

Replacement Ear Cushions: For over-the-ear headphone models like Hamilton’s HA5, HA7 and SC7V, having extra, replaceable ear cushions will also extend the life of your headphones. While ear cushions do have a long lifespan, constant use and exposure to sweat and temperature differences can cause the pleather or leather cushions to crack. Long periods of use, especially in a warm environment, can make these headphones susceptible to cracking. Damage can also be caused by improper storage of these headphones. For example, headphones that fall off surfaces or get dragged along carpets and rough floors can reduce the cushion’s quality. In addition, the cushion lining can lose its shape over time, making it uncomfortable to the wearer. To keep them in better shape, using earpad covers will reduce sweat on the headphones, while also providing a sterile environment for the wearer. But, if you do need to buy new cushions, using a leather protector will also help lengthen their lifespan, and proper care by wiping them down will also help.

Overall, buying disposable headphone covers is a great, long-term alternative to buying disposable headphone sets, and can improve the longevity of your headphones. Not only do they protect your audio equipment, but they also improve the listening experiences of your clients or audiences by taking away any worry about sanitary issues. Furthermore, keeping your headphones clean will give you a better return on your equipment. To learn more about headphone covers and cushions, contact us. We can help you find the options most pertinent for your headphone needs.