Go Green and Save with these Eco-Friendly Classroom Headphones

Go Green and Save with these Eco-Friendly Classroom Headphones

If you are a teacher or administrator at one of the millions of K-12 schools across the U.S. that have pledged to incorporate sustainability practices, you’ll want to read this article. After all, taking the appropriate measures to reduce your school’s carbon footprint as part of a green initiative is not exactly easy to do, especially when you think about all of the different ways you and your fellow educators can create a more eco-friendly learning environment.

For example, think about all of the plastics that are in use in every single classroom at your school. While some of these items are rugged, durable and built to last for multiple uses year after year, others may be thought of as disposable. Though single-use plastics can be beneficial for teachers who are looking for an easy and convenient way to provide materials to students, the reality is that they can remain at the landfill for decades or even centuries once they are discarded. As part of your school’s green initiative, it’s important to be mindful of which school supplies, educational aids, eating utensils and other everyday items are living up to your eco-friendly standards and which need to be replaced with more sustainable solutions.

If you’re in the market for recyclable school headphones that are designed to withstand years of student use, check out these impressively engineered models that are available at price points to fit any school budget.

AVID Education AE-35 Classroom Computer Stereo Headphone

Starting from just $8.49 each, the AE-35 is a direct contradiction of the saying, “you get what you pay for.” These affordable, comfortable headphones are built to last year after year. Its lightweight, mid-size profile makes it an ideal solution for students of all ages. Best of all, the AE-35 is made with padded vinyl that is easy to wipe clean between student uses, making it a terrific option for teachers who want to maintain a sanitary learning environment while being a friend to the Earth.

The AE-35 is available in a variety of colors and can be purchased singly or in bulk. If you’re looking for a bargain on well-made, comfortable and sustainable listening solutions, you’ve come to the right place!

Cyber Acoustics AC-4000 Stereo Headset with Single Plug

Compatible with PCs, Macs, tablets, smartphones and more, the AC-4000 is a go-to solution for educators wanting classroom headphones that can be used over and over again with little to no environmental waste. Simply wipe these headphones clean with disinfecting wipes that are optimized for electronic devices, and you can have the sanitary classroom you want with the eco-friendly listening option you need!

The AC-4000 features a flexible unidirectional noise-canceling boom microphone, as well as a clever channel design that allows the headband and ear cups to serve as a convenient cable storage system when the headphones are not in use.

The durable design of the AC-4000 has been classroom-tested, giving educators peace of mind that these headphones are rugged enough to last from school year to school year. This focus on rugged design extends to the braided TuffCord, Cyber Acoustics’ proprietary design for ensuring that their school headphones can stand up to normal classroom wear and tear. Priced from $11.99, the AC-4000 can be purchased as a single unit or in bulk, allowing schools to save big on headphones that are built to last for years.

AVID Education AE-36 Classroom Computer Stereo Headset

A perennial favorite among educators, the AE-36 is an ideal solution for computer programs and school testing platforms that require voice responses. The attached microphone and headphones are operated by a single 3.5 mm plug, making it a simple and effective choice.

Best of all, the AE-36 upholds AVID’s commitment to providing high-quality products at an affordable price. The durable headband and ear cups are built to withstand years of student use, yet are easy to keep clean with disinfecting wipes. With prices starting as low as $10.89 each, the AE-36 is an excellent choice for teachers and school administrators on the lookout for an eco-friendly alternative to disposable headphones for school testing.

Cyber Acoustics AC-204 Stereo Headset w/ Single Plug and Y-adapter

Sometimes the simplest solution is also the best one. Cyber Acoustics’ AC-204 model is a perfect example of this, with its sleek, comfortable design and exceptional sound quality. Available in either a 3.5 mm or USB plug design, the AC-204 includes a Y-adapter, making it backwards-compatible with virtually any device. Easy to clean with an electronic-friendly disinfecting wipe, educators love the AC-204 for its sustainability, ease and convenience. Priced from $8.99, you can ditch the disposable options and make the AC-204 your go-to choice for classroom headphones year after year.

Of course, choosing classroom headphones that are built to last for years is just one part of creating a greener classroom environment. It’s also important to ensure that the products used at your school are doing their part to save the planet. Good news—the headphones we’ve highlighted today all come from companies who are committed to eco-friendly production and recycling.

AVID Education’s partnership with TERRA’s “Done With It” program allows people to recycle any brand of headsets, earbuds or headphones at no cost to them. Teachers who need to offload the old or damaged headphones they’re replacing simply need to place them in a box or mailing envelope, request a free shipping label, attach it to the package and pop it in the mail. It’s as easy as that!

Cyber Acoustics has also joined the fight to reduce schools’ carbon footprints with their recycling program. Educators and school administrators can enroll in the free program on the Cyber Acoustics website and then mail back any brand of earbuds, headphones or headsets they are trying to dispose of responsibly. That’s it—Cyber Acoustics takes it from there!

Going green not only helps your school reduce costs and waste, but it also makes a tremendous, positive impact on our home planet. We wish you all the best as you work toward making your school a greener place!

Nov 29, 2022

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