Homeschool Activities

Building your homeschool curriculum and classroom supplies can be tough. When you’re a homeschooling parent you play many roles in your child’s education. You’re their teacher, mentor, gym coach, and activities planner. Filling all those lesson plan hours can be tough, but we have some fun educational activities to share. We have lots of supplies to help you fill your curriculum and classroom with all the tools your students need.

Online Language Class-

Signing up for a free online language course is a fun way for your kids to begin learning a new language. Children who are exposed to different languages become better communicators. On top of the communication skills, this can help when preparing a foreign language curriculum down the road. Our ambient noise-canceling headsets, such as the AVID AE-55 series, are perfect to use while taking these online classes.

Free Museum Day-

Many museums offer free museum days during the week. This is a great opportunity to take the kids to experience art, science, nature, and history for free. Maybe your local museum has an exhibit that aligns with your curriculum, or it’s something your kids have been interested in learning more about. ENC-10Blue Budget Stereo Headphones work well for museums, testing, gyms and more.

Library Activities-

Your local library should have a monthly calendar of events for students of all ages. From book clubs to arts and crafts, libraries are a great place to find activities your kids will enjoy and where they can interact with other students. We have many educational headphones that can be used in the library. Soundnetic Classroom Basic Stereo Headphones are really affordable, and ideal for library and classroom use.

Join Local Sports-

Getting your kids out and about in a sports club is a great way to keep them active and make new friends. Joining sports helps them get their daily exercise and increase their motor skills. Students who participate in sports are more likely to maintain a healthy weight and are less likely to be obese. For times during individual practice and runs, try ENC-56 Flat Stereo Headphones to keep them motivated with music!


Volunteering can be a fun and rewarding part of a lesson. Foodbank statistics on donation numbers and food waste demonstrate the important role math can have in helping people. A park clean up can be an environmental lesson. An animal rescue may inspire that budding zoologist. Earbuds like the Hamiltonbuhl ISD-EBA Ear Buds W/In-Line Mic, along with a playlist that inspires, can make common volunteer activities such as warehouse stocking, trash pickup, or cage cleaning feel less like work.


A great resource for free books, this website has full lesson plans to go along with them. Teachers can get free access to Vooks, which can keep kids entertained and studious for hours, especially when paired with Encore’s many educational headphones and earbuds! Hamilton HA-2 Schoolmate Personal Stereo Headphones are compatible with tablets, ipads, mobile devices, Chromebooks and more.

On top of all the possibilities we listed, your classroom could benefit from other products at Encore, too. We have tons of STEM and STEAM packages, educational games, and educational headphones. Browse our website to find the top products!