Keeping Kids Healthy With Classroom Hand Sanitizing Wipes

Keeping a classroom clean is the best way to promote the health of many students. Especially with the upcoming cold weather perfect for cold and flu season, having a clean classroom will keep yourself from getting sick, as well as your students. One of the easiest ways to improve classroom health is with sanitary wipes. Here are the pros to keeping kids healthy with hand sanitizing wipes, and the best practices to achieve healthy goals.

Why Use Sanitary Wipes?

There are many reasons why hand sanitary wipes should be easily available for keeping kids healthy, but to spur you on even more, here are some of their advantages.

1. They are portable and perfect for field trips. Sanitary wipes are great for mobile classes, especially when students go on field trips or places where bathrooms might be less accessible. This can also be a great solution for those moments when chaperones are spread out, which can make it hard to even supervise a child who wants to wash their hands.

2. They save cleanup time. While washing hands with soap and water is one of the best methods for keeping children exposed to germs, it can be time-consuming to line up everyone to use the bathrooms down the hall, or the one classroom sink. The sanitary wipes do the job quickly and effectively, without taking up too much time in the cleanup process.

3. They are less irritating to the skin. Children have sensitive skin, and constant washing and drying with soap and water can leave skin feeling dry, raw, and irritated. This is fact can cause more problems than prevent illness. So, but using wipes, most skin will be left un-irritated. These wipes are also safe for equipment, such as school classroom headphones.

4. They really kill unhealthy organisms at contact. Wipes kill on contact the unhealthy organisms and germs found on hands. It’s harder to kill and remove these same bacteria with soap and water, especially when children do not wash their hands properly. The wipes are a better guarantee that sickness won’t spread as easily.

How to Achieve Healthier Classrooms

The first step to a healthier classroom is to provide ease and access to hand sanitizing wipes or a sink for hand washing. Placing hand wipes by the door can help remind you and your students to wash their hands after playing outside. Or, placing hand wipes next to the classroom bathroom can encourage their use. Strategic placement of the wipes will encourage their use throughout the day.

The next step to ensure cleaner hands is to build washing into daily activities and routines. For example, after bathroom breaks, you can require students to use a hand-sanitizing wipe when they enter the classroom. This can help ensure that they keep their hands clean, especially when you cannot verify that they’ve washed their hands. It can be especially helpful to have some hand wipes in class for snack times or before and after lunch, when children are likely to eat with their hands or share food with each other. By anticipating these types of activities, you can make your classroom safer for your students, yourself, and your staff.

Overall, it’s important to be well stocked for all these moments! Buying a 3-pack of hand sanitizing rolls will help you save money, and keep multiple rolls on hand for when they run out. Plus, when you buy two cases, you’ll receive a free dispensing bucket through our current special offer. Time is limited with this promotion and with a total of 1800 wipes per roll, your order will keep your classroom clean for a long time before you need to order new rolls.

Keeping your classroom safe with disinfectants and hand wipes will help create a positive and healthy learning environment. For more tools and supplies for your busy classroom, contact us.