How to Take Care of Earbuds: Buying Choices and General Maintenance

The process of how to take care of earbuds is something you probably haven’t thought enough about if you are replacing your earbuds too often. While you probably think earbuds are easily dispensable and you can easily replace any that break in a hurry, the cost of doing so can add up over time. Especially when you use earbuds on a regular basis to listen to music or perhaps learn a foreign language, you may not realize how much you’re spending for replacements.

These same costs easily add up for a school that provides earbuds for students to use with interactive software or for taking tests. With students wearing earbuds every day for some kind of learning project, you’re probably seeing far too many sets break due to lack of care.

You have some relatively simple steps available to help your earbuds last ten times longer. By taking the advice below, you won’t have to worry about your earbuds breaking at the worst possible moments. You’ve likely experienced this scenario more than once during a critical moment.

Buying Quality Earbuds

There really isn’t anything more important than investing in quality earbuds in order to assure they last longer. No doubt you’ve been tempted to find and buy cheaper earbuds with the thought a cheaper brand is just as good as ones $50 or more. The truth is, quality frequently comes in the price you pay.

However, it all depends on the context of how you use your earbuds. If you plan to use them only temporarily (as in testing for students), you could buy disposable earbuds for much cheaper and have them hold up well during the interim.

Here at Encore Data Products, we offer earbuds like this that you can buy in bulk. When you do, you ultimately save more money than if you buy a more expensive set of earbuds for your own private use. These are also from some of the top audio equipment makers like AVID.

This isn’t to say that if you invest in more expensive earbuds for the classroom or for your own use at home, you can’t take care of them well. With some basic steps, you assure your earbuds hold up for at least a year or more.

Unplugging Your Earbuds When Not in Use

When you’re used to using your earbuds daily, you perhaps don’t take the time to unplug them from your iPod or other mobile device. Once you’re in a hurry, it’s easy to form the bad habit of wrapping the earbud cords around your iPod for quick convenience.

The more you do this, the more it could damage the wires and affect how well the earbuds work. Even if it sounds like the new “don’t run with scissors,” it’s best to unplug your earbuds, especially if you won’t use them for a while.

Cleaning the Earbuds, and Your Own Ears

All of our quality earbuds and earphones here at Encore Data Products are easy to clean with a simple cloth. The more you clean them, the less likely particles from the human ear get into the crevices and later cause damage.

Basic hygiene on cleaning your ears before earbud use also helps prevent earwax from becoming a problem. Still, we know earwax isn’t always controllable, which makes daily cleaning all the more important.

Proper Storage for Earbuds

The simple concept of proper storage for your earbuds assures they won’t get damaged while sitting out in the open. You can find some great storage ideas here. We have carry cases, storage racks, and bags. These all work well in the classroom as well when your students depend on earbuds for their interactive education.

Contact us here at Encore Data Products to find out more about the type of earbuds and quality earphones we provide.