The Best Advice For Buying Education Headphones

Buying education headphones is a serious endeavor, especially when you are working on a tight budget and must serve hundreds of students. Here are our top 3 pieces of advice to help you find the right set of education headphones, which will serve most students with an affordable budget.

1. Durability is key. While sound quality is important in many classroom situations, what can really impact the longevity of a headphone’s use, is its durability and flexibility. And when you consider age, activity, and frequency of a headphone’s use, durability becomes even more important. Headphones like the AVID Education AE-807 are built to last, due to the materials and strength of the ear pads and double headband. Even in the most clumsy or accident-prone classrooms, getting headphones like the AE-807 will withstand the roughest wear and tear. For buyers worried about longevity and replacement costs, it’s best to look for the most durable models and spend on this feature first.

2. Always have a backup. Having a broken pair is inevitable in a classroom. Whether a pair of headphones break during travel, or on accident in a busy classroom, or have just reached their threshold of wear and tear, backup listening options will help run a classroom more smoothly, and allow for audio departments to account for repair times or costs. If a budget allows, we recommend having as much as 1 to 3 extra pairs for each classroom in storage, in the event that a pair of headphones break and need to be replaced or sent out for repair. On those on a more limited budget, buying bulk earbuds or disposable headphones are a great replacement option. With bulk earbuds or headphones, you can buy a replacement pair for every long-term headphone set with great cost-effectiveness. And, you don’t have to worry about bulk earbuds breaking or getting lost, as they are easily replaceable.

3. Don’t just stop at headphones. The best way to get the most out of your education headphones is to see them in context of the classroom, not just in-use by students or teachers. This means that you should build into your budget some storage or care materials that will help keep the headphones safe and clean. We have seen many administrators purchase just headphones, and then realize within weeks of deployment that their headphones are mishandled or stored improperly, leading to breaks in the wires or breaks on the headsets themselves.

We recommend buyers to consider headphone stands, especially in listening centers or classrooms that will need frequent use out of their headphones. Headphone stands don’t take up much space, and are easy to keep headphones organized and out of the way in busy classroom environments. For short and long-term storage options, we provide headphone cases that will also protect and organize headphones simply. Cases are a great way to also put headphones in closets, cupboards, and lockers, especially in order to save space.

In addition to storage options, we recommend buyers to look at disinfecting wipes and sprays. Since classrooms make it easy for germs and colds to spread, wiping down shared equipment like headphones will help reduce the number of sick students stay home on sick days, and lead to a more efficient learning environment where everyone is present.

Overall, education headphones are an important tool for classrooms, and therefore deserve much-needed attention when picking them out and caring for them once they reach the classroom. If you need help choosing the right headphones for your school, contact us. As experts in the field, we’d be happy to help you find the headphones suitable for your programs.