The Ultimate Cheat Sheet on Hygiene Solutions for Headphones in the Classroom

Earphones and headphones have become a real phenomenon in the modern world. Just plug them in the ears and listen whatever you want in a clear way without any interference and disturbance. They are used domestically as well as away from the home. This is a media device to be fixed on the ears. Although several alterations have been made in the structure and working of the headphones, but still they are associated with one task and that is better for a clearer impact of any sound on the ear drums. Today, these headphones come in numerous varieties. They can be tiny enough to fix within your ears, they are cordless and some with long cords to connect to the output device.

These headphones are used extensively in the educational institutions these days. From the tiny ones in the early years to the teens in the higher secondary schools; they are being used at all levels. They are connected to the device that can help in aiding the students in their education. They can help in all possible ways to deliver the lecture in the class. Once installed in the computer laboratories or the classrooms, they are used by multiple individuals. Hence, to maintain the quality it is essential to keep the headphones clean. This would not just ensure the clear sound, but is also essential from the hygiene point of view.

It is very important to keep the earphones clean in the classroom, as the young ones can very easily catch the infection even from the slightest reason behind it. The result can be a slight to a major infection. Generally there are two causes that might compel you to look for the cleaning of the headphones in the classrooms.

  1. Bacterial exposure: Once the headphones are in the use, they are exposed to all external factors that can cause infections. These include dirt, germs, dust, and bacteria. Once they get accumulated on the headphone, they can move from one ear to the other. The ears already have a great deal of bacterial deposits which can multiply with the use of headphones.
  2. Ear Wax: It is essential to keep away all harmful insects from the ears, but once on the headphones they can be a real monster. The transfer of wax from one ear to another can be a real hygiene menace for the younger users in the classroom. Sometimes the wax even blocks the ear canal, preventing the sound from reaching the ears properly. Hence, like anything too much of the wax is not good.

If you are using the headphones for long and have found the signs of any deposit on the headphone that you think can be a danger sign for the young users, then it is the time to start cleaning them, before the child comes to you with the painful ear or parent complaints so. The best ways to clean your headphones that are really easy and handy can be as follows:

  1. Get a dry toothbrush to clean out the accumulated hazards on the headphone. When using the headphones, usually one can witness that the ear wax deposits more on the wide screen metal. The tooth brush easily scrubs away the wax and keeps away the un-hygienic bodies in the headphone.
  2. Toothpick that must be clean and preferably a new one from the box can be helpful in removing the wax from the tips made out of silicon. They are great to remove the wax in the studio style head phones. It works well if you want to scratch out the largest accumulations of the wax.
  3. If there is heavy accumulation of the wax, then the best option is to replace the silicon tips with new ones. Thus, replacing those means, all of the bacteria have been thrown away. Once changed, regular cleaning is a must to avoid future heavy accumulations.

Thus, it is not a big job to keep the headphones clean. You can do this with simple accessories available around you. It is also recommended to use a solution of dish washing soap and warm water to clean the headphones. The solution is applied to the soft piece of cloth and then the headphones are cleaned, ensuring that no infectious bacteria are left. While using the solution, it is highly recommended to keep the water away from going into the headphones. Otherwise, there are chances that the headphones are broken or damaged. Once cleaned with the solution they must be properly dried with a dry cloth and not plugged in immediately.

In order to ensure, the hygiene of the headphones, one important thing is to tell the students about the healthy ear conditions. The students must be well aware of the importance of the ear hygiene. The cleanliness of the ears and the headphones, both can guarantee the hygiene in the classroom.

In order to ensure the health of the ears by maintaining the headphone hygiene it is important to consider the following points:

  • Every student must be provided with a set of personal headphones, each marked with his own name. The sharing can be really un-hygienic.
  • Leatherette or foam ear cushions must be replaced regularly if the headphones already in use are given to someone else too.
  • The replacing of the windscreens or the microphone covers along with the voice tubes is also significant.
  • Leatherette or foam ear cushions must be immediately removed and changed if there is clogging witnessed.
  • There must be regular cleaning of headset plastics, consoles, and equipment with the help of antibacterial agents.
  • The parts in direct contact with the ears must be replaced regularly.
  • Using the disposable sanitary headphone covers ensures sterile usage.

These tips can be effective in minimizing the un-hygienic impact of the headphones. They can lead to the safe listening to the students. They ensure that each child in the classroom enjoys healthy learning.