Top 5 Education Podcasts

With the school year coming to an end, many educators will be enjoying some much needed R&R. Whether you’re taking a road trip or just relaxing and enjoying quality family time, we know you will want to stay on top of the top trends in education. One fun and relaxing to way to do this is listening to podcasts. Today there are podcasts for everything from Game of Thrones recaps to Entrepreneur chats. We’re rounding up the top podcasts you should tune into this summer and paring them with our favorite Encore Data Products!

  • The 10 Minute Teacher Podcast: This podcast is exactly what it sounds like. 10-minute chats with teachers every week! The cool thing about this podcast is it’s short and updated often. Featuring K-12 educators 5 days a week, it’s the perfect podcast for busy days. There are 5 seasons for you to listen to this summer! For this podcast, you would want to use the Soundnetic SN304 Stereo Earbuds with Inline Volume Control. These are great for those quick on the go podcasting days. When you have a short podcast and need the noise canceling capabilities go for Soundnetic SN304 Stereo Earbuds.
  •  Teach Me, Teacher: If you love to hear about topical, informative, and inspiring subjects this is the podcast for you. They have tons of great guests in education and do Q&A episodes to answer your burning questions. They embrace the idea that teachers learn best from other teachers. There are 3 years of content currently on their podcast so you could catch up on past podcasts or tune in every week! We would pair this podcast with the AVID Education AE-35 Classroom Computer Stereo Headphone. With a 6 ft. cord you can sit comfortably at your home office and take follow up notes at ease with these lightweight and comfortable headphones.
  • Google Teacher Tribe Podcast: This is the perfect podcast for all Type A teachers…or any teacher who wants to get more organized. They share tips for using G Suite for productivity and other organizational techniques for the classroom. If you love finding new ways to optimize the programs you already use, this is the podcast for you. We would recommend using the Hamilton Buhl Deluxe Active Noise Canceling Headphones when listening to this tech-based podcast. You won’t want to miss a minute and will be able to really enjoy and take in the information.

  • School Psyched Podcast: This psychology based podcast is perfect to help you incorporate the best practices for your students’ needs. They cover everything from ADHD strategy to education tech. Get an in-depth look at today’s education system. For this podcast, you may find yourself on the move or listening while multitasking. If this sounds like you, we would suggest the Califone CLS725 Wireless Headphones. With the wireless feature and high frequency, you will be able to listen while enjoying the everyday tasks around your house or backyard. We understand it’s summertime and you want to be out and about!
  • ASCD Learn Teach Lead Radio: This podcast has guest stars that are leading authors and experts in today’s education. Their mission is to help teachers lead better by providing them with amazing resources. This podcast is really great for the whole family. Because of this, we would suggest playing for everyone to hear. We have a great Bluetooth speaker to help you get the whole family involved, and you can use it in the classroom when school starts up again. The Califone PA-BT30 Portable Bluetooth Speaker puts out a great sound and is compatible with many Android and iOS-based devices. It’s also easy to set up and use.

We hope you find these podcasts helpful, fun, and entertaining. During the summer it can be hard to stay motivated.  But with fun topical podcasts like these, you will have actionable takeaways for the school year to come.