Which headphones can be used on Chromebooks?

Chromebooks are making a wave in the markets. A Chromebook is basically a laptop that has chrome as its operating system instead of windows. Based on these qualities of being easily functional, internet connected, transferable and sleek style, Chromebooks are the latest sensations in the world of technology. Once you have one on your desk, you should also have the latest gadgets to compliment it. Imagine having the coolest invention in town, but a shabby headphone set beside it. That totally kills the looks of it. So let’s make sure you know about all the latest things that you can buy for your Chromebook:

Headphones & Microphones:

If you dislike the headset mic because you don’t like it dangling on your neck, or you have face neck stiffness issues due to it; worry no more!  You can use the newest FlamingoMic. As the name itself indicates, it can coil up like a flamingo around your computer with the capabilities of extension and notation. Plus, it works when you plug it in your USB port so no need to go for tedious gadgets. By this, you can work with your hands easily; all the while the plug keeps connected.

GE Universal All in One Stereo Headset is a very trendy gadget and you’ll love it! The adapters it has have the ability to connect to more than one device. Apart from the Chromebook (3.5mm connector) it is easily connected to mobile phones and tablets. However, it is significant to note that Chromebooks only support 3.5mm TRRS connectors that are not found normally. This headset works great because it has an added TRRS connector with it so that you can attach it to the Chromebook easily.

Going out in the public can be very annoying if you’re bothered by the city noises of rushing cars, chirping birds, mumbling people and working machines. In order to make sure that these noises do your sanity no harm you can get a headphone with a built in microphone. But it’s better to go without controls because they have not been known to work well with Chromebooks.

Another happy thing to know is many companies are producing wireless headphone to go with Chromebooks so that you can put them in your ears and walk around a specified distance from your Chromebook and still be able to hear sound.

Flexible LED light
Ever had one of those situations when the power is off, or your roommate wants to sleep but you still have work to do? No need to fret about it anymore! Turn off the lights and purchase a flexible LED light to connect to your Chromebook via the USB port!  Not only are these lightweight yet brightly colored, they are also portable so you can use them while you travel and can fit snugly in the Chromebook bag.


Ah, time to flaunt off those looks. Contingent with the sort of Chromebook you’re using you’ve either got a good innate HD Webcam that do wonders with GTalk and Google+ owing to its Hangout feature or you’ve got an alright VGA webcam. Both of these types work great if your only webcam activity is talking to your mother in the other country. But if you’re involved in larger projects with your company, you might need to upgrade to a better webcam. There are plenty of them available in the market but you need to check if they are compatible with the ports of the Chromebook because that’s the only issue Chromebooks have.


Chromebooks support Samsung’s own mouse series so what’s better than having one of those at hand. You only need to put the plug in the USB port and the mouse starts working fine. However, Chromebook Series 3 has a slightly different outlook and they have only one USB 2.0 port. This means that the one USB port shall be left undecided between using that mouse or the LED light or your headset. In this case, you might need to buy an additional USB hub so that all your systems are on the go simultaneously. The Apple Magic Mouse is currently the finest Bluetooth Mouse and Chromebook accessory in the market. Nonetheless, they also charge a handsome amount for giving you that luxury.

Sleeve, Case or Bag

Chromebooks are sleek looking but you do need to cover them up to keep them working for longer! Not only does a bag protect them from dust, dirt and other grimes, it will also keep it a tad protected if you let it slip out of your hands and onto the ground. Furthermore, a bag can help you keep its accessories like the mouse in it so you have everything organized and under full control. If you want to go easy on the pocket, buy a simple yet effective neoprene sleeve. Molded cases on the other hand, may be a little pricey but they shall also be an investment for the long run. Messenger bags can be fun because they have loads of choices you can choose from so you can select your favorite type.


Another essential commodity is speakers, especially if its movie night! So you can buy a pair at your local shop because all Chromebooks support an audio-out jack. However, any different type of speakers may need another port. Chromebooks can also connect to Bluetooth speakers so that minimizes the problems associated to ports.


The Chromecast is an exceptional device that permits you to stream what’s on your Chromebook to any HDMI screen or projector. Think about all the movies you could watch or the presentations you could present with this little gadget up your sleeve.


It’s true that accustoming yourself to a new invention can be quite bothersome, and the list of gadgets that go with it and that don’t is also very cumbersome to memorize. But once you get the knack of it, you can enjoy accessory shopping for your new Chromebook, adding to your collection bit by bit.