HamiltonBuhl Creator's Kit Backlight with Dual Smartphone Holders and Lavalier Microphone

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Creator's Kit Backlight with Dual Smartphone Holders and Lavalier Microphone

LIGHTS, CAMERA, ACTION – Empower Students as Content Creators!

Students love the opportunity to create video content that can emulate their favorite YouTubers. Students in English classes can create how-to videos. Students in math classes can “unbox” a new concept or solution. In social studies or science, students can create review-style videos where they analyze (also pretty high on Bloom’s Taxonomy) popular events, locations, and cultures, or famous figures, inventions, and ideals.

Finding ways to have students as content creators in school builds valuable life and career skills that will likely serve them well in their future.

10" LED Backlight 

This 10'' LED Ring Light features an extendable stand base, lavalier microphone and dual phone holders for Live Streaming, Remote Lesson Streaming, Content Creation for YouTube and TikTok (compatible with all phones). 

Designed to maximize the person's clarity and visibility it is ideal for portable, office, school and/or studio use. The stand is sturdy and easily adjusted, making this a versatile, durable light for
nearly every environment and any subject.

Professional Omnidirectional Lavalier Microphone

This omnidirectional lavalier microphone provides excellent sound quality and active noise reduction.