HamiltonBuhl Media Production Studio ULTRA DELUXE with XLR Mic

  • HamiltonBuhl Media Production Studio ULTRA DELUXE with XLR Mic
  • HamiltonBuhl Media Production Studio ULTRA DELUXE with XLR Mic
  • HamiltonBuhl Media Production Studio ULTRA DELUXE with XLR Mic
  • HamiltonBuhl Media Production Studio ULTRA DELUXE with XLR Mic
  • HamiltonBuhl Media Production Studio ULTRA DELUXE with XLR Mic
  • HamiltonBuhl Media Production Studio ULTRA DELUXE with XLR Mic
  • HamiltonBuhl Media Production Studio ULTRA DELUXE with XLR Mic
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Media Production Ultra-Deluxe Studio Kit with XLR Microphone

Give your students the opportunity to be content creators, rather than consumers, with HamiltonBuhl's XLR Content Creation Toolkit #3. This kit helps build valuable skills as well as increase opportunities for students to learn digital citizenship, gain experience producing work for a wider audience than just their teacher, while also learning to be cognizant of their responsibilities to a real audience.

This Media Production Studio Kit comes with the following top rated gear:

(1) On-Air!™ XLR  Cardioid Mics with Telescopic Desktop Stand and Pop-Guard
(1) On-Air!™ Folding Sound Isolation Shield  
(1) Portable Podcast Mixer Production System

On-Air!™ XLR  Cardioid Mics With Telescopic Desktop Stand And Pop-Guard
This portable XLR multi-functional microphone provides the versatility and flexibility needed to do high quality broadcasts, interviews, podcasts, esports streaming and more from nearly any location, with clear, rich sound.

On-Air!™ Folding Sound Isolation Shield
This Sound Isolation Shield makes clean, controlled, and noise-free recordings, reducing unwanted room noise. Great for home recording studios, podcasts, YouTube recordings, music recordings, and more. Compact, portable, lightweight, foldable design (16.5" x 11.8"x 4.7"). Kit includes the stand and base for the Isolation Shield. 

Portable Podcast Mixer Production System 
This Portable Podcast Mixer Production System greatly simplifies the production process by integrating several digital audio mixing equipment into one comprehensive solution. Very easy to set up and use, conveniently fits in any room to record or broadcast live. It delivers superb sound quality and offers intuitive and full control that suits the needs of both beginners and seasoned broadcasters.  It is compatible with PC, Mac and smart phones. All of these great features make this mixer system ideal for almost any user, at any age. Features 7 customizable jingle pads, noise reduction, multi-channel streaming, 6 reverb modes, 4 preloaded audio effects, and more! Fully control your recorded podcasts for professional results!

(1) SuperFlix™ 720p HD Webcam With Steel-Reinforced Gooseneck Stand
This easy-to-use webcam features a microphone, non-slip base and a bendable gooseneck that allows for positioning in almost any direction and provides excellent voice pick-up and clear recordings. Features 1080x720 resolution, 30 FPS and .” HD CMOS imaging sensor. Easy Plug & Play setup – For Mac or PC.

(1) ActionPro™ Camcorder
This is a full, high-definition 20MP Digital Video Camera that is slim, sleek and easy-to-use. ActionPro™ is the perfect video camera for any age. Features 2.7K HD 2688x1520 resolution, a 30 megapixel, 8.0M CMOS sensor, 18x digital zoom and a rotating 3” IPS screen viewer progressive scan.

(1) External Mic For Camcorders And SLR Cameras
Easily mounts to camcorders and SLR cameras and is designed to improve sound recording quality with its high performance super-cardioid pickup and dual-head technology for long pickup distances (approx. 12'), NCR Noise Reduction Technology, wide frequency responses, and an external +20dB sensitivity enhancement switch.

(1) Octopus Mini-Tripod Camera Stand
This flexible, highly durable mini-tripod camera stand bends and flexes into any position! With 360 degree rotation capability, it is the ideal choice and accommodates most cameras. Includes easy-slide adapter for camera and smartphone.

(1) 9' X 60" Green Screen Backdrop Cloth
Perfect for chromakeying (filming in front of a pure-colored screen, typically green then replacing it with any scene or background to achieve special effects). Highly saturated for accurate color-balancing.

(1) I Can Present Editing Software
Powerful green screen editing software with teleprompter, split screen, picture-in-picture, scroll text features, chromakeying and more.

(1) Animate-It! Stop-Motion Editing Software
Capture from any camera (WEBCAM/HDV17BK) to create stop-motion animations, import audio and video clips, use time-lapse feature, draw shapes, mask, and make titles, subtitles and credits like a pro.

(1) Plastic Carry Case 
Easily store and transport kit items (not all items fit in the LCP case).

Note: Kit components are subject to change based on product availability.

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