Specialty Headphones

For those times when sound needs to be muted or intensely sophisticated, Encore Data Products has headsets for hearing protection, noise cancelling and home theater and gaming needs.

Sometimes, you need to protect the ears and NOT want to hear. Encore provides hearing protection headsets and plugs, as well as noise cancelling headphones. We have headsets and plugs designed to be worn in areas where noise can be hazardous or distracting. Need a high sound quality and speech clarity headset that blocks background noise? We have these to use with computers, learning centers and personal audio devices. Sizing options are available for both adults and children.

Need the headphone whose sole purpose is to move your soul? Encore provides headphone brands ideal for the home theaters and gaming world. From gaming headsets that flash lights and vibrate with deep bass effects to wireless surround sound headphones; we are able to meet your entertainment needs.

If you are looking for wireless LISTENING CENTERS or LAB PACKS, please see this link for our full selection.