HamiltonBuhl Beginner Level Deluxe STEAM/STEM Kit

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Bring STEAM curriculum to life

The HamiltonBuhl® Beginner Level STEAM Starter Pack is full of Coding and Robot Engineering Kits, Microscopes with Sample Slides, educational and fun Dinosaur Dig Kits as well as Green Screen Video Production and Stop-Motion Animation Kits!

Packed in a convenient large, laminated carry box, there are:
(2) Individual Edison Educational Robots (Edibot-1)
(1) Animation Studio Kit (ANI-KIT)
(1) Green Screen Production Kit (GRN-KIT)
(1) Scout™ Digital STEAM Microscope With Six Magnification Lenses (SCT18)
(1) Set Of Specimen Slides (SLD24)
(5) Circuit Mania™ Flower Kits (CM-FL)
(3) Paleo Hunter™ Dinosaur Dig Kits – with a combination of Dinosours (Mammoth, Stegosaurus or Triceratops)

This is an invaluable turnkey solution kit – worthy of any classroom – and every student.


Edison Educational Robot Kit Class Pack – Robotics And Coding

Named to reflect an "inventive spirit," Edison Robots are the result of a genuine passion for innovation and a vision to make electronics, engineering, robotics and programming accessible to as many people as possible. These LEGO® compatible modular and easily expandable educational robots are clean, safe, reusable, expandable and robust, providing students across all grade levels, from ages 5+, with with an opportunity to experiment and grow their knowledge, explore their imagination, cultivate their innovativeness and have fun without expensive tools and excessive investment. Includes robot, batteries, cable and bar code scan sheets.

HB Animation Studio Kit™

Teaching kids multimedia skills develops their critical thinking, problem-solving, communication, collaboration capabilities and demystifies media and IT technologies. This is where HB Animation Studio Kit from HamiltonBuhl® comes in. Simply plug in the included USB webcam, download the "I Can Animate" Software, grab an item - a toy, some fruit, a book, anything at hand - and get animating! The "I Can Animate" software is detailed without being overwhelming and kids will love seeing the end result of their hard work. For ages 8+, the HB Animation Studio Kit™ includes the easy-to-use “I Can Animate” stop-motion animation software and the SuperFlix™ 5MP, 30FPS, HD gooseneck webcam with an internal microphone and weighted, non-slip base.

HB Green Screen Production Kit

Green screen projects, certainly sensible for media arts classrooms, are no longer limited to only that. Green screen technology is now being utilized in STEM, language arts, history, and core subject areas. Giving students the opportunity to create digital material for classroom use helps students achieve a higher sense of empowerment, ownership, and purpose. The HB Green Screen Production Kit includes everything a student, a classroom or a school would need to create engaging and professional looking broadcasts, presentations and short movies including (1) Green Screen Backdrop, (1) Webcam and (1) I Can Present software.

Scout™ Digital Microscope with Six Different Magnification Lenses for Young Scientists

Ignite the sparks of curiosity and fan the flames of interest in science and technology for early learners with Scout™ Digital Microscope from HamiltonBuhl! Built rugged for younger students, Scout™ features six different magnification lenses on a vertical rotating wheel – magnifying to 100x, 200x, 300x, 400x, 500x and 600x best at 1600x1200 resolution monitor.

HamiltonBuhl® Scout™ Prepared Specimen Slides

The SLD24 Prepared Specimen Slides consist of 6 unique slides with 4 specimen stains on each slide that are premium quality, hand-prepared, under optical glass, ready-to-view specimens such as roots and stems, leaves and epidermis, pollen and starch, wings and legs, hair and fibers and a microscopic creature. Each slide is captioned with their identification.

HamiltonBuhl® Paleo Hunter™ Dig Kit for STEAM Education

Spark a curiosity for science and paleontology inspiring students to pursue a path toward discovery. The Paleo Hunter™ Dig Kit is an awe-inspiring project for kids ages 6 and up. It is the perfect project for any child curious about the world around them. The kit comes with a slacked lime plaster block with dino bones buried inside, 4 digging tools – hammer, chisel, brush and magnifying glass as well as protection goggles and a high quality non-woven fabric mask.

Circuit Mania™ – The fun, exciting and engaging way for kids to learn about conductivity, circuits and LED lights – FLOWER

Circuit Mania™ brings STEAM concepts into playtime for children ages 6+. These paper projects help cultivate a host of important skills: problem solving, trial and error, following instructions, and the basics of circuitry and conductivity. The kit includes 2 colored 5.5" x 8.5" colored paper with outlined drawing, 1 button battery, 1 LED light, conductive tape and a paper clip.

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