JAR Systems USB-C Active Charge Power Bank Kits, Yellow

JAR Systems
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Reduce disruptions caused by drained device batteries. Active Charge Power Banks provide charging without the need for outlets or running extension cords. The portable power banks fully recharge in under 2.5 hours for easy at-the-desk charging throughout the school day. Equipped with 65W USB-C power delivery, they provide ample power for students to charge while they work on their lessons. 

Active Charge Power Banks in “school bus yellow” are great for differentiation from other devices. Kits include 4 Active Charge USB-C Power Banks with scanable serial barcodes for asset tracking and 4 USB-C to USB-C cables to connect your devices for charging.

Portable Charging

Place power banks in centralized areas for students to check-out as needed. Scanable serial barcodes provide easy asset tracking.

Reduce Disruptions

Active Charge enables schools to extend the battery runtime of educational devices and minimize instructional or testing downtime in the classroom.


An easy, portable way to charge without the need for changing infrastructure, stringing extension cords or using bulky device charging adapters.