Califone PA8 Megaphone 500 ft. Range

Califone PA8 Megaphone 500 ft. Range


Part #: PA-8
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Retail Price: $49.99
Our Price: $39.99
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The PA8 is a comfortable, lightweight megaphone that's perfect for educators and athletic directors who want to make sure students and athletes hear important messages outdoors.

Ideal also for tour groups and emergency response situations, this portable megaphone can be used up to 4 hours on athletic fields, playgrounds, smaller school campuses, for sporting activities and other events.

Built with rugged ABS plastic for durability, it has a 500' range, 8 watts of power, a microphone, and a talk/siren switch to ensure crowds have your attention. Also featured are a folding handle for storage convenience, adjustable volume control, power LED light, shoulder strap, and battery compartment.

  • Rugged ABS plastic for durability
  • Volume control
  • TALK / SIREN switch
  • Foldable handle for storage convenience
  • Shoulder strap

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