IPEVO VOCAL AI Beamforming Bluetooth Speakerphone

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IPEVO VOCAL is the world’s first speakerphone with two-way AI noise reduction. It removes background noise on both ends of the call and delivers crystal-clear conferencing free of hassle. It can be used as a standard speakerphone at the center of the table or passed to the current speaker for the highest comfort and confidence during communication. Thanks to Bluetooth connectivity and easy portability, it can be instantly deployed wherever needed.

  • TWO-WAY AI NOISE REDUCTION: Reduces the background noise on both ends of the line - VOCAL is the world’s first speakerphone with two-way AI noise reduction
  • TWO MICROPHONE MODES: Two Ways to Use VOCAL: Can be placed at the center of the table, utilizing the omnidirectional mode to capture sound in a 360° range. Alternatively, the directional mode can be used to only capture the voice of a single speaker.
  • 360° SOUND COVERAGE: The speaker of VOCAL spans all around its base and thanks to its sound diffusion design distributes the sound evenly to each meeting participant.
  • BLUETOOTH WIRELESS: Automatically pairs with memorized Bluetooth devices. This allows instant deployment in the meeting room where it's needed, without any additional steps. Battery life 40 hours. Plug and play on Windows, Mac, and Chromebooks. Works with all standard online conferencing apps.
  • COMMUNICATE WITH CONFIDENCE: With VOCAL you will not feel the urge to lean closer to the speakerphone. It captures sound from the current speaker at a natural distance and height or stands in the center of the conferencing table and thanks to its two beamforming microphones equipped with AI noise reduction technology reliably captures the voices of all participants.