3 Factors to Consider When Choosing Headphones for School Testing

Encore Data Products is a great partner for educators to get all their listening, learning, testing, and training equipment supplied. We understand how important school testing is, and educators can choose from our many headphone choices when considering the proper solution for their situation. Our experience over the years equipping educators with testing headphones, gives us the insight to highlight these 3 important features educators want to consider when choosing school headphones for classroom testing.board-361516_640

  • Usability
  • Durability/Quality
  • Cost in Bulk


Educators need durable testing headphones the students can operate easily without any hindrance to the testing. Within our classroom headphone selection, customers can find many different options. If the testing requires the students to talk into a mic, then headphones with mics are available.

Testing is a quiet time when students are nervous. A simple tool like headphones should have the usability needed to smoothly conduct a test with multiple students. Volume control and adjustments for the headphones to work shouldn’t be hard to navigate. Also, the weight and color could be factors to consider, depending on the age or type of students.

With the selection Encore Data products has for classroom headphones, educators can find a suitable option for the application needed. The range goes from disposable earbuds to advanced AVID Education AE series over-the-ear headphones. No volume control on the headphones is also optional depending on the situation.

Durability and Quality

Schools have budgets to meet, and buying a lot of cheap headphones that don’t work isn’t going to help. Schools need quality headphones that are durable and will last for a long time. Encore Data Products understands this need, and customers can be assured they’re getting the best brands at the best prices.

Choose from top headphone brands like: Califone, AVID Education, Soundnetic, HP, Imation, IBM, and many more. Get quality headphones for school testing from leading manufacturers at the cost you can afford. This is what makes Encore so valuable as a service for educators, our ability to offer such a wide-selection of products specifically for your needs at a price your budget can afford.

Another important factor to consider is the durability of the testing headphones. Students can be hard on equipment no matter their age, and because headphones have many breakable parts they can be broken easily. Also, improper volume control can blow out speakers, and wires can be pulled out with accidental tugging and pulling. School testing headphones need to be durable, and Encore Data Products has headphones made for wear and tear in mind.

Cost in Bulk

Back to meeting the budget for educators, schools need headphones in bulk; the amounts could be in the thousands at times. This is where Encore Data Products becomes a valuable partner for your school. Not only are customers getting usability, durability, and quality in their testing headphones, but also low-cost and experience. See, Encore’s service professionals are specifically experienced in what educators need concerning the products we offer.

Encore Data Products deals directly with manufacturers, which means we can pass on the savings to our customers. Buying in bulk from a company that specializes in bulk products straight from the manufacturer, gives schools the ability to meet equipment demands while staying within budget.


Encore Data Products is a privately held company located in Louisville, CO: serving clients around the U.S. in many different industries. Since 2006 Encore has been providing a service to Schools with bulk supply of quality, durable, and affordable testing headphones.

The unique school-testing environment requires a selection of tailored solutions designed with educators and testing in mind. Find the right testing headphones at the right price with Encore Data Products and service. To speak with us or learn more, contact us today.